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MCO Is Back: Here Are 5 Very Helpful Ways All M’sians Can Deal With Stress & Loneliness Better!



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2021 is off to an unassuming start what with certain states in the country being under MCO again just two weeks into the new year. This can be difficult for us in many different aspects be it physically or mentally.

In fact, a survey by EMIR Research found that mental health issues are set to be Malaysia’s second most common health problem after heart disease with three out of every 10 adults suffering from a mental health problem. 🙁

As such, starting the year in isolation will definitely have a direct negative impact on those with existing mental health issues. If what we mentioned above hits home for you, here are some tips researchers and psychologists believe will help you deal with stress & loneliness better during this time:


1. Take short breaks from social media & news outlets  

Rtor Guest Blog Featured Image Living In The 21St Century Social Medias Impact On Mental Health And Well Being

Even though spending our time scrolling through social media may seem like nothing at all, it has a direct effect on our mental health. Given the situation we are in, consuming too much news can also increase levels of anxiety and uncertainty.

Instead, try setting a time limit on your phone for social media apps via your phone’s Settings page. Both iOS and Android users can do this! Your phone will notify you once you’ve gone over the time limit. We’ve found that it helps tremendously with cutting down on screen time! You can also check to see how long you spend on these apps:

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2. Find ways to provide yourself with comfort when loneliness creeps in 


Another way to deal with loneliness is to find sources of comfort for yourself. It can be anything that makes you feel calm and collected. Here are some suggestions:-

  • Light your favourite candle (lemongrass & lavender are our favs for relaxing!)
  • Pamper yourself with a spa day at home — DIY facials are the best, try turmeric or coconut milk face masks!
  • Indulge in your favourite desserts, don’t need to feel guilty! We all need a cup of boba milk tea once in a while.
  • Cook a comforting meal for yourself. It doesn’t need to be fancy. A bowl of gourmet instant noodles works too!
  • Check up on your friends and family virtually; you’re not the only one feeling lonely.


3. Wake up early & set daily intentions or to-do lists for the day 

Screen Shot 2021 01 14 At 12.59.50 Pm

Did you know waking up early is a form of self-care even if you’re not a morning person? Take some time for yourself in the mornings before anyone else in your house is awake, make your favourite cup of coffee and set your intentions for the day.

Writing daily to-do lists help too especially when you’ve got a bunch of tasks ahead. So when the tasks roll around, you won’t be flustered to complete it since you’ve already been anticipating it. We’ve personally found that this helps a lot if you suffer from anxiety.


4. Use this time to express yourself with meaningful projects

Asian Beautiful Woman With Her Daughter Gardening Her Home Vegetable Garden Home During Coronavirus Outbreak Situation 187274 248

There are so many creative outlets for us to express ourselves nowadays! Starting a project will not only give you a sense of fulfilment, it’ll keep you excited to start or finish that project!

Some of the things we’ve seen our fellow Malaysians doing include:-

  • Growing a small edible garden! Curry leaves and spring onions are some of the few simple things you can grow yourself!
  • Give those simple online recipes a go, or even try some crazy food trends!
  • Try your hand at therapeutic colouring with adult colouring books
  • Spring clean your fridge or kitchen. If there’s a time to organise all your spices and condiments, it’s now!

The possibilities are endless!


5. Make an effort to connect with others virtually to alleviate stress

Young Asian Women Showing Clothes Sale Online Social With Smartphone Customers From Home Network Technology Concept 2034 2046

Even though we’re all staying home to stop the virus from spreading, that doesn’t mean we have to stop socialising! Yup, we’re talking virtually.

Before the pandemic, we used to attend events & live concerts or performances as a form of entertainment. While things are different now, we’re grateful for platforms that allow us to have these experiences virtually!

A platform that has truly helped many of us through the pandemic has to be Bigo Live! One of the world’s fastest growing live streaming social communities with over 400 million users from 150 countries. 😍

Bigo Live rose to fame during this pandemic as most of us were forced to physically distance ourselves from one another hence making virtual experiences more important than ever before. With Bigo Live, users are able to interact with one another, play in-app games together and even participate in cloud clubbing sessions, all from the comfort of our homes!

Screen Shot 2021 01 15 At 4.33.39 Pm

ICYMI, Bigo Live’s aim is to unite creators and users no matter where they are in the world!

With creators broadcasting in real-time, sharing personal moments, showing off their talents as well as interacting with users from around the globe, it’s no surprise that Bigo Live is taking the world by storm!

Here are some of our favourite things to watch on Bigo Live:-

  • Video game streamers
  • Daily travel vlogs (pre-pandemic, of course!)
  • Cooking & recipe videos
  • Dance routines and singing videos!

Gala 2021 Key Visual My

In fact, BIGO has been garnering so much attention that the team at BIGO has decided to do something special! In order to celebrate the strength of the community who’ve been fostering great relationships with one another despite the pandemic, a BIGO Awards Gala will be happening on 21st January 2021 at 8PM!! Virtually, of course. 😉

The theme for the Gala this year is “Connecting The World” and there will be more than 72 families, made up of sub-communities of Bigo Live users, as well as 78 broadcasters who will be honoured and awarded for creating content that helps all of us through such difficult times. There will even be a number of performances from the broadcasters themselves! You can expect DJ Sets, K-pop performances and even FIRE dances!

Sounds like an event not to be missed! 😮

BTW, the broadcasters that are in the running to win these awards come from 150 different countries and regions around the world! Wow, it’s no wonder Bigo Live is the top live streaming app in the world.

Seeing as this year’s event is completely virtual, BIGO has also come up with creative ways for users to participate in the 2021 BIGO Awards Gala. Here are some things you can expect:-

  • You get free voting tickets to vote for your favourite broadcasters and performers during the show.
  • You will also get tickets that can be used to participate in the lucky draw with exclusive prizes such as Bigo Dino mascot pillows, virtual pendants, entrance effects and badges that were specifically designed for the Gala!
  • You may also light up the screen with impressive special effects when supporting your favourite broadcasters by giving them virtual gifts!

Doesn’t all this sound so amazing? If you’d like to tune in to BIGO’s upcoming annual Gala, you can tune in directly via the Bigo Live app! All you need to do is click here to download the app and you’re good to go!

We hope that through these virtual experiences, it’ll be able to alleviate some stress that has been caused by the pandemic. After all, it can’t rain forever! 🌈

Share with us in the comments some things you’ve done to get through tough times! <3


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Source: Freepik
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Source: BIGO

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