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Guy Who Was Alone in Sunway Pyramid Shares How He Horribly Got Targeted and Robbed



Guy Who Was Alone in Sunway Pyramid Shares How He Horribly Got Targeted and Robbed - WORLD OF BUZZ

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Facebook user, Daniel Muk recently shared his horrible experience of how he was robbed in Sunway Pyramid.

He, who was alone got targeted by a group of guys, and unfortunately, it all happened in a blink of an eye!

Daniel who was preparing for his travels had just exchanged some foreign currency from the money exchange shop on LG2. He then put the money away in his backpack.

“When I was done with the currency exchange place, I decided to walk around and perhaps run some other errands while I was at the mall. While walking alone, I felt a slob of cream smothered all over my back on my right side. The cream was white and stained my shirt, jeans, and backpack. Some of it even got on my arm.”

Annoyed at the disgusting mess, Daniel immediately turned behind and eyed the group of girls directly behind him. However, they only gave him clueless stares and were actually not close enough to have slapped all that cream on him.

This is when it all went downhill.

“I decided to wash it all off asap at the nearest toilet because I had no clue what this thing was. I headed over to the nearest washroom on my way which was opposite GNC (next to yubiso).

“At the washroom. I washed off the gunk on my hand, then proceeded to get tissues to clean up my body. I took my bag off and laid it on the floor beside the sink (I get it, this was a mistake).

“As I was reaching out for the roll of tissues, a foreign man (I assume this to be true because he couldn’t communicate with me in Malay but in a foreign language) insisted on helping me clean up the mess.”

Although Daniel politely rejected his offer countless times, the man still got in his way to grab the tissues, insisting he wanted to help.

“He started pulling the roll over and over to get as much tissue to help me while taking his sweet time (I eventually figured this was a tactic to distract me and gave room for his buddies to target me). Soon after that, I noticed 2 men rushing through the space between me and my bag heading out of the washroom.”

Daniel glanced over to where he had left his bag, and just like that, in just mere seconds, his bag was no longer there.

“My first instinct was to chase after the men who had just left the toilet but as I ran out into the mall, they were no where to be found. I was pretty sure they had my bag because I saw them hugging it while running into the mall. When I realised that finding my bag was a lost cause, I rushed back to the toilet only to find that the initial man who wanted to help me clean up was also gone. There was literally no way for me to hunt down these men alone.”

Daniel reported the case to Sunway Pyramid’s security and had made a police report. CCTV footage were gone through, but unfortunately, there weren’t any CCTV nearby that caught the incident. Eventually they figured that the ‘ice cream’ that was slathered all over his body was actually lotion or hand cream.

“I’ve lost many important things in my bag besides the cash including my laptop and priceless debate notes. Thinking about this just frustrates me because I got played right into their hands despite noticing the strange signs all along.”

“Unfortunately this time I was a victim of daylight robbery. I’m making this post mainly to caution my friends of the cunning ways these syndicates are targeting their victims. Be alert at all times. It really can happen to anyone at anytime and in every way. They made me feel cornered, isolated, and even helpless when no bypasser would help me out because it all happened so fast.”

Well, just be really wary when you’re out guys! It really could happen to just anyone!

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