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Experiencing Hair Problems? Here Are 4 Tips For M’sians to Deal With Scalp Issues According to Experts!


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Source: Maria Medvedeva & Andrea Piacquadio

We’ve all been there: washing our hair and then suddenly coming across a tiny bump on our heads, or experiencing an itch so maddening that you can’t help but scratch it. Whatever problem it is, scalp issues can be caused by many factors including genetics, hormones, diet and even Malaysia’s humid weather. Nonetheless, there are a lot more ways to deal with these scalp issues!

These tricks are brought to you by the experts at L’Oréal Professionnel, who strive to let you have the best and most innovative scalp care for your scalp needs! So read on to find out how to treat and prevent these issues and you’ll be saying goodbye to your bad hair days soon enough!


1. Adopt a healthy diet and regular exercise routine

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Hair health starts from within, so your diet is essential for strengthening your follicles and keeping your scalp healthy! Look out for foods with these nutrients that can maintain your scalp health!:

  • Omega-3 fatty acid: Provides essential proteins and nutrients to your follicles and promotes circulation in your scalp.
    • Foods: Salmon, mackerel, herring, eggs, flaxseeds.
  • Polyphenol: Supports the capillaries of the scalp to prevent hair fall and support hair growth.
    • Foods: Green tea, berries, flaxseeds, olives.
  • Vitamin A: Promotes sebum oil production to moisturise your hair and scalp.
    • Foods: Cheese, eggs, oily fish, low-fat spreads, milk, yoghurt.
  • Folic acid: Provides oxygen to your scalp and skin, which further promotes hair growth and cell renewal.
    • Foods: Asparagus, eggs, beets, citrus fruits, beef liver.

And don’t forget, regular exercise will help a lot too by stimulating blood flow in your scalp, promoting natural oil production and reducing stress which may cause hair fall. Once all that is done, use supplementary products such as the L’Oréal Professionnel Serioxyl Advanced Denser Hair serum to get more hands-on with improving your hair density! More about this below!


2. Get a scalp massage to promote blood circulation

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Scalp massages are more than just a simple way to unwind; they can promote hair growth (by way of better blood circulation), reduce stress hormones, boost immunity and lessen pain and discomfort caused by scalp tension.

You can even DIY your own scalp massage! Just use your fingertips (no nails please!) to apply medium-firm pressure on your scalp in a circular motion. Do a few spins on as many areas of your scalp as possible. Do this daily for about five minutes to get the best results!

But the most preferable course of action is to let the pros handle your hair care; so you ought to hit up the hair masters at L’Oréal Professionnel! In addition to scalp massages, they also provide state-of-the-art in-salon scalp treatments, scalp diagnosis to identify your hair concerns and other services for all of your hair needs! Get your scalp treatment done in good hands at a L’Oréal Professionnel salon near you!


3. Exfoliate your scalp to get rid of dead skin, oil and dandruff

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In addition to removing dry skin and unclogging pores, exfoliation helps to remove dandruff and excess oil too! Scalp exfoliation is usually done after washing and shampooing your hair. Simply go through separate parts of your scalp and rub in a hair scrub in gentle circular motions with your fingertips to remove dead skin cells from your scalp and dirt from your hair.

That being said, exfoliation should only be done twice a week at most to prevent your scalp from producing excess oil. And for the best results to beat dry and oily dandruff, you can add L’Oréal Professionnel’s Dermo Clarifier Shampoo to your regime, as they are rich with antibacterial and antifungal active ingredients. 


4. Determine which scalp care products and treatments are right for you

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When it comes to hair care products and treatments, there is rarely ever a “one-size fits all” item or regime that can fix everyone’s hair problems, including those involving the scalp. For this, you should consult a pharmacist or expert to find out how to tend to your scalp issues effectively. Or if you’re a bit short on time, here’s a quick guide to finding out your scalp type and what kind of products and treatments you should go for!:

1. Cleanse your hair normally without applying any products.

2. Let it air dry for two to four hours.

3. Gently dab a blotting paper or tissue on the crown of your head.

And then observe the tissue or paper used to determine your scalp type:

1. No change: You have a dry scalp prone to frizziness and roughness, thus moisturising scalp products are the thing for you.

2. Few oil traces: You have a normal scalp, which means most products should work for you.

3. Notable oil residue: You have an oily scalp prone to flatness and grease, meaning you need balancing and clarifying scalp products.

Still at your wit’s end on how to take care of your scalp? Then the trusty experts at L’Oréal Professionnel have you covered!

Made with hair pros and trusted by dermatologists, L’Oréal Professionnel’s Scalp Advanced line is just what you need to safeguard your scalp health!


By bridging the expertise between skincare and hair care, L’Oréal Professionnel understands that good hair health starts with scalp health. This matter is important as L’Oréal Professionnel’s findings show that seven out of ten people are afflicted by scalp issues. Using their extensive research, L’Oréal Professionnel came up with the Scalp Advanced line, powered by deep cleansing, purifying and soothing properties commonly found in skincare!

But the Scalp Advanced range isn’t the only range in L’Oréal Professionnel’s arsenal!

For even more potential and impact in your hair care, L’Oréal Professionnel’s Serioxyl Advanced line is here to tackle your hair density concerns!

Serioxyl Advanced 500Ml Dp

L’Oréal Professionnel recognises micro-cracks and sebum oxidation as two of the scalp’s worst enemies; so in comes Serioxyl Advanced to counter these scalp issues and more for your hair needs!

Powered with dermatological actives, the products from the Scalp Advanced and Serioxyl Advanced lines have the best cocktail for four scalp concerns:

1. Anti-Hair Thinning: Serioxyl Advanced Denser Hair (90ml)

Formulated for thinning hair, this lightweight serum can improve follicle renewal and multiply the number of hairs, leading to denser hair volume. You’ll see the results after around six weeks of usage!


2. Anti-Discomfort: Intense Soother Treatment (200ml)

This gel intensely and instantly eliminates discomfort in sensitive scalps with its refreshing jelly texture and by using niacinamide (a soothing and regulating skincare active)! Sounds too good to be true? Well, the effects are very much true for 83%* of users who cited less discomfort upon using this product!

*Self-assessment on 32 subjects after application of Dermo-Regulator Shampoo, Intense Soother Treatment and hair drying.


3. Anti-Dandruff: Dermo Clarifier Shampoo (300ml)

Lp Scalp 2022 Packshots Dandruff Shampoo 500Ml Front 3474637109394 3474637109400 1

Concentrated with piroctone olamine, this lightweight shampoo gently clarifies and effectively removes dry and oily dandruff. With just a few uses, you’ll be guaranteed to remove 100%* of visible dandruff from your hair!

*Self-assessment on 60 subjects, after 4 weeks of using Dermo Clarifier Shampoo.


4. Anti-Oiliness: 2-in-1 Deep Purifier Clay (250ml)

Lp Seriexpert 2022 Scalp Stilllife Secondaire Oiliness Pot Va 1X1 3474637090524 3474637090531

With its versatile texture that is not too liquid or too solid, this clay is perfect for those with oily scalps! You can use it as a 3 to 5-minute leave-on hair mask or pre-shampoo to cleanse fibre pollution and eliminate up to 78%* sebum particles!

*Instrumental test after application of Dermo Purifier Shampoo and 2-in-1 Deep Purifier Mask.


But these aren’t the only products they have in this line; L’Oréal Professionnel has a lot more items from their Scalp Advanced line! And best of all, for our Muslimah sisters, the entire Scalp Advanced range is hijab-friendly!

Wanna get a scalp reset done right? Then head to a L’Oréal Professionnel salon near you to purchase Scalp Advanced products, experience their signature Scalp Advanced treatments and obtain a scalp diagnosis too! You can also shop online to have their products delivered straight to you too!

To learn more about scalp care, L’Oréal Professionnel’s products and more, visit their Shopee page or follow them on their social media pages:


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