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Malaysians Can Go On Epic Travel Journey From Malaysia To Portugal Via Train In Near Future!



This May Be The Best Travel Route Ever and It's Done All By Train Only! - World Of Buzz 2

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If you’re a traveler or aspiring to be one, you will be on the brink of orgasm after learning about this travel route.

It’s possible to travel from Vietnam to Portugal by train. It’s an approximate 17,000km journey.

This route has been dubbed the “Ultimate Train Challenge” and we can all see why!

The journey that many travelers have now set path on was first inspired by Michael Hodson and two travel blogger friends who challenged each other to take on the world by train. For a month the bloggers traveled on separate routes from Lisbon, Portugal, to Saigon, Vietnam, on a competitive quest to conquer the longest continuous stretches of train tracks currently on the planet.

The trip involves about 29 trains and the whole quest would take about 340 hours in total, according to travel blogger Nora.

You’d start off from Saigon, Vietnam and the end point is Lisbon, Portugal. In between, you’ll pass through countries like China, Russia, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Spain and many more!

PORTUGAL-VIETNAME: DE LISBOA A SAIGÃO A MAIS LONGA VIAGEM DE COMBOIO DO MUNDO EM 31 DIAS  longest-train-ride-lisbon-portugal-to-vietnam-map-google-view:

There are several routes you could use to reach the end point. Several travelers alike mapped out journeys that you could take, depending on which country you want to visit.

Good news for Malaysians because in the near future, the journey can be joint from Vietnam to Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and of course, Malaysia and Singapore!

Are you feeling wet already wanderlusters? That means it’ll be possible for us to visit all these South East Asian countries before working our way up to China and headed for Europe!

So we would not longer have to fly to Vietnam to do the “Ultimate Train Challenge” but can start from our own country onwards to Portugal, and it’ll be done all via train!

The railway project to connect the paths is still ongoing and is estimated to be completed in 2021. So save up fellow Malaysians, and maybe in 2021, we can have the most epic travel adventure ever!

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