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Adorable Penguins in S’pore Zoo Left To Explore Empty Playground & Zoo During Circuit Breaker



Source: Wildlife Reserves Singapore

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While Singaporeans are being sent back to their homes during the Circuit Breaker, a few feathered friends are finally being given the opportunity to explore the great outdoors!

Ever since the Singapore Zoo, Night Safari and River Safari closed on April 7th in conjunction with the Circuit Breaker, the usually packed tourist attraction was left empty. However, this adorable bunch of African penguins don’t seem to find that a problem at all!

In fact, they’ve been taking advantage of the situation to take leisurely strolls around the empty zoo grounds, making full use of the lack of humans to explore other exhibits in peace and comfort.

According to Wildlife Reserves Singapore, these penguins are allowed to freely explore the zoo grounds 2-3 times a week as a form of enrichment. Just like humans, animals that are exposed to new environments, sights and sounds benefit from mental and physical stimulation.

While the keepers are sure to keep a careful eye on these feathered creatures during their walks, the penguins are said to naturally move as a group so all the keepers really have to do is prompt one of them to take the first step. Just look at how cute their beaks are!

Sadly, these cute birdies are an endangered species as classified by the International Union for Conservation of Nature due to oil spills and loss of habitat.

Perhaps these restricted orders aren’t so bad for other life on this planet. We can’t wait to see more animals roaming around and exploring while we’re all inside!


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