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8 Common Struggles M’sians With Low Self-Esteem Can Confirm Relate to


8 Common Struggles M'Sians With Low Self-Esteem Can Confirm Relate To - World Of Buzz 1
Source: Straits Times & Ryugakujp

Life is tough when you’re someone who struggles with low self-esteem and is constantly worried about what other people might think about you. Very shy lah! Well, if you’re thinking “I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT”, then you might just relate to these painful struggles too:


1. When you’d rather makan alone than with a big group

[Test] 8 Common Struggles M'sians With Low Self-Esteem Can Confirm Relate To - World Of Buzz

Source: lanhmanh

Any group that has more than three people in it is enough to scare you. The worst part is when everyone gets quiet and you have nothing to say, OR when everyone’s talking about a topic you know nothing about, so you can only sit quietly and listen. Either way, it always feels extremely awkward for you. Might as well just eat by yourself, ammirite?


2. When you need something but you don’t dare to ask, so you get your friend to ask for it instead

[Test] 8 Common Struggles M'sians With Low Self-Esteem Can Confirm Relate To - World Of Buzz 1

Source: ausstock

Whether it’s asking your lecturer to repeat his question, or maybe even something as simple as asking where the toilet is, these things somehow feel like daunting and impossible tasks for you. This is why having friends is important.


3. When you have the answer to a question but you’d rather not say it ’cause… shy lahhh

X Common Struggles M'sians With Low Self-Esteem Can Confirm Relate To - World Of Buzz 3

Source: shutterstock

Especially during class when your lecturer asks a question and you’re dead sure you know the answer, but you’d rather stay quiet and watch someone else get it right… or wrong. Because if you do get it right, you’re afraid you’ll come off as a nerd to everyone else; on the other hand, if you get it wrong, well, that’s just embarrassing. It’s a lose-lose situation for you.


4. When you know for a fact that something is overpriced, but you don’t want to say anything

X Common Struggles M'sians With Low Self-Esteem Can Confirm Relate To - World Of Buzz 1

Source: livingnomads

Especially if the seller looks like a fierce aunty or uncle who could eat you right up.

In fact, you’re the last person on earth who would haggle or ask for a discount, even if everyone else does it. RM60 for one T-shirt? Okay. 


5. Coming off as stuck-up or hidung tinggi because you’re never the one starting conversations with people

X Common Struggles M'sians With Low Self-Esteem Can Confirm Relate To - World Of Buzz 6

Source: ryugakujp

Especially when it’s your first day at school or at a new workplace, it’s harder for you to warm up to people. Because of this, you come off as stuck-up, padahal you’re just really shy and afraid you might annoy them.


6. Those big family reunion dinners are a nightmare for you

Not only are all your aunties and uncles comparing whose child is brighter or more successful, but everyone’s probably dressed really nicely too. I just wanna be in bed in my PJ’s, eating junk food and watching Netflix. T_T


7. When people give you compliments and you have no idea how to respond

X Common Struggles M'sians With Low Self-Esteem Can Confirm Relate To - World Of Buzz 5

Source: quora

Having low self-esteem means that you probably have no idea how to receive compliments too. You either respond with an awkward laugh, say something like “aiyo no lah…“, or just try to change the subject completely. When in fact, you should be proud of yourself! You deserve every single compliment people give you! Embrace it with open arms, gurl!


8. When there’s that gorgeous K-pop makeup look you want to try pulling off but you’re shy 

While we’re strong believers of going bare-faced, a little makeup every now and then doesn’t hurt! In fact, it can be extremely fun to channel your inner professional makeup artist. It’s also an incredibly satisfying feeling when you’re able to pull off that gorgeous K-pop makeup look you learned from YouTube. Not easy wei. So if you manage to pull it off, just work it gurl!

Well, if you love playing around with makeup and experimenting on new stuff – and you’re also looking to treat yourself this Christmas (because you deserve it) – you could consider checking out the new Laneige limited edition holiday collection! Yes, they have a holiday collection too!

The new limited edition holiday collection actually offers a Wild at Heart makeup collection as well as a Dream and Glow skincare collection.

X Common Struggles M'sians With Low Self-Esteem Can Confirm Relate To - World Of Buzz 7

The Wild at Heart makeup collection offers products such as the Layering Cover Cushion which promises high coverage and long-lasting effect with SPF 34 PA++, Stained Glasstick to give you those soft yet radiant lips, and an Eye & Face Palette too!

The Dream and Glow skincare collection, on the other hand, comes with a Basic Duo Set_Moisture which helps keep the skin’s moisture balanced, a Water Bank Moisture Essence Set enriched with Green Mineral Water to fill your skin with optimum hydration, a Lip Care Set which includes a Lip Sleeping Mask (new Mint Choco flavour) and Lip Glowy Balm, a Mini Sleeping Mask Set complete with 3 different mask types, as well as an Eye Sleeping Mask SetSo many things to choose from!

X Common Struggles M'sians With Low Self-Esteem Can Confirm Relate To - World Of Buzz 8

Also, how cute and colourful are the packagings?! These would definitely make a perfect Christmas gift for friends and family, or maybe even yourself! After all, who wouldn’t love some makeup or skincare product as a gift, right?

To give that self-esteem of yours the boost it needs, find out more about this limited edition holiday collection here!

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