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7yo M’sian Boy Suffers Trauma and Anxiety After Being Bullied Severely By Teachers



7yo M'sian Boy Suffers Trauma Symptoms and Anxiety After Being Bullied Severely By Teachers - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Facebook

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There’s a fine line between punishment and abusing a child, and it seems like this teacher has crossed that line!

A concerned mother took to Facebook to bring attention to the alleged abuse her son received from his teachers.

She wrote,

“My Year 1 boy was slapped on both sides of his face by a serial abuser, the PK (Penolong Kanan).”

This isn’t the first time the PK had abused a student, as the mother revealed that this person was also abusive in his previous school, citing a police source, a couple of PPD (Pejabat Pendidikan Daerah or district education office) officers and the principal of that school.

Source: Facebook

However, in this current school, the PK is allegedly protected by the principal because “they handle all the contracts and donations between them”. 

She explained that the principal and her husband often use the school grounds for political purposes and are supposedly very close to a Member of Parliament (MP). Seriously, schools shouldn’t be used for political gains! 

“The husband and wife have the support of the local thugs to threaten those who stand up against them. They managed to ‘pay’ and cover up all these abuse cases,” she later added.

To close the case, the school staged a truce by requesting the PK to “apologise” to the boy. Nevertheless, after the truce, they still went on to taunt the boy mercilessly by making his life miserable in school. Some of their heinous acts include:

  • Deliberately cutting his marks
  • Ignoring him in class
  • Talking down to him
  • Using other students to harass and assault him
  • Leaving him out of co-curricular opportunities

This has reportedly caused her son to suffer from trauma and anxiety due to the pressure he has gotten from the authorities and teachers in his school. Poor boy! 

Source: Facebook

Thus, to support him, a paediatrician advised the mother to constantly give him company. Abiding by the doctor’s request, the mother shared that she would go to the school and sit near the back gate from 7am to 1pm daily under the scorching sun just to give moral support to her poor son. She did this from February to November 2017!

This year (2018), the boy was ready to go to school by himself, but unfortunately he was a victim of the abuse again. This caused the boy to develop more anxiety problems as his chest pains and nightmares became more frequent. Because of this, the mother decided to stop sending him to school for the last three weeks and home-schooled him instead.

After all this, the mother still wanted justice for her child and chose to fight, but her efforts were in vain as they sent thugs to threaten and physically assault them. The thugs also reportedly threatened other parents who supported the mother to fight against the school.

Source: Facebook

Even the boy’s 70-year-old grandma was also dragged into this whole issue after she went to report those culprits to their local MP. Heartbreaking! 

“She was assaulted at a school event. Her shirt was pulled down while the school teachers and the principal’s daughter took a video of it.”

“The video showed that she was in the state of frenzy. At last, she was charged with creating a ruckus instead of the actual attacker,” she further wrote.

Heartless people! 

Described as an intelligent and sensitive boy, the mother shared that the son refused to change schools because he wants to learn Tamil and all his friends attended that school. The boy has even gone to the extent of studying on his own to understand the behaviour of these people and said that he felt sorry for them. A compassionate young boy!  

Source: FMT

Nonetheless, the mother wants to put an end to this because the boy’s condition isn’t getting any better and every child should be protected.

She then wrote,

“My stand is simple: Every child has a right to proper education and child protection. Once a child is abused it will affect him for life and it goes into a vicious circle. That is why this abuse in schools never ends.”

This is unacceptable! Schools are supposed to be a safe zone where students can gain knowledge, so we should protect students and not abuse them.

Hopefully, the mother will get the help she needs to solve this problem and may the government impose stricter laws to combat issues like this.


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