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S’porean Accidentally Overpays RM7,022 via e-Payment for Meal at Eatery, Wants Refund on The Spot


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Source: Complaint Singapore | Facebook

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With cashless transactions becoming the norm in the Southeast Asian region these days, it’s hard to even find people carrying cash with them these days.

However, cashless payments do have their weaknesses, especially if there are human errors involved when the transaction takes place.


Overpaid by a whopping RM7,096 via e-payment!

Take this recent sharing by a Singaporean man on the Complaint Singapore Facebook group for example.

Venting his frustrations at an eatery in Geylang, the man revealed that he accidentally paid SGD2,020.90 or approximately RM7,096.18 for an SGD20.90 (RM73.38) ribeye steak at the restaurant.

Attaching 2 photos of the receipt, he added that the incident took place on Tuesday (23 April), whereby after paying using NETS, the e-payment platform in Singapore, the man noticed the discrepancy on the receipt in which he had paid SGD2,000 extra for the meal. 



The eatery staff told him it would take 2 weeks to issue a refund

He then immediately brought it to the attention of the staff but was informed that it would take about 2 weeks to receive a refund. 

However, the man found this “unacceptable” and “requested a resolution on the spot”.

Despite his insistence, the man claimed that he had to wait for 1 hour and 30 minutes only to be told that nothing could be done without the manager’s approval.


The staff then took down his contact details and promised to address the issue the following day. However, even after office hours the next day, the man claimed that he hadn’t received any call from the management.

Saying that SGD2,000 is no small amount, he stressed,

“I implore you to understand that while SGD2,000 may seem insignificant to your business, it represents a significant portion of my income.”


The man didn’t check the amount before proceeding with the payment

In the comments, one commenter asked whether the man didn’t check the amount before he punched his pin on the machine, to which he replied that yes, the incident was partly his fault.

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Meanwhile, another commenter claimed that NETS can’t refund back to card and must refund cash, hence why it takes a whole for the eatery to refund the amount.

Besides that, one commenter found the funny side of things, joking that with SGD2,020.90, the man can already buy the cow instead of just a plate of ribeye steak.


So, what do you guys think of the whole situation? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!


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