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24yo’s Vape Battery Explodes, Inflicts Third Degree Burns on His Chest & Sets His Car on Fire



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Source: Metro UK

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Vape pens might not be as safe as you think!

A 24-year-old golfer from Sheffield was severely burned on his chest when his vape exploded in his pocket and set his car on fire!

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Source: metro uk

According to Metro UK, Will Hawksworth was in the car with his girlfriend while they were on the way home from the supermarket. His vape, which was in his shirt pocket, suddenly started shooting out sparks. As he was pulling over, the vape’s battery suddenly exploded and set his clothes on fire.

The vape burnt through his clothes and fell down the side of the car seat. He then got out of the car, took his clothes off and covered himself in snow.

“I got out the car and my clothes were hanging off me. They were all burnt – I had bits of clothes I was trying to peel off,” he said, according to The Sun.

And as if suffering such severe burns wasn’t bad enough, his car caught on fire too! As the vape had fallen between the seats of the Audi A5 he was driving, it caused the whole vehicle to go up in flames.

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Source: metro uk

Will was then rushed to Northern General Hospital, where he was treated for second and third degree burns.

“It felt like I was being burnt alive. It was the most painful thing you could ever imagine. My clothes burnt onto my chest and my skin was completely burnt,” he said.

After being treated for six hours, Will was allowed to go home but still attended regular appointments at a burns clinic. He was given the option of a skin graft, but he declined the offer as he didn’t want to create any more wounds to his body.

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Source: metro uk

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Source: metro uk

However, he said that his appearance does bother him, especially when he is on a holiday.

“My skin gets very aggravated when it’s hot. I can’t really expose it to the sun. It is horrible to live with now. It could have ended so much worse. I feel lucky to be alive,” he said.

“I’ll never go near a vape pen ever again. They are lethal.”

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Scarred for life | source: metro uk

Ouch! Use e-cigarettes at your own risk, guys.


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