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10 Things Only People Who Are Single On Valentines Will Understand



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It’s that time of year where hearts and cupid arrows are in full force. Couples stride along malls hand in hand, sometimes so cute it makes you nauseous.

So what about us singles on Valentines day? Well if you’re single on Vday, here are some things you may just relate to.


1. No significant plans

Being single have its perks. There is no need to go out on a limb to plan the best night ever, or crack your brain wondering where to go to make this OH SO SPECIAL DAY the most perfect day ever.

happy yay the hills lauren conrad lc


2. Social media feeds flooded with couple pictures that make you feel better for yourself.

Hey friends, thanks for uploading all the sweet pictures of you and your partner doing amazing stuff while I’m here, just being a potato.



3. Parents asking why you’re not celebrating Valentines.

Mom! I know I’m single, stop questioning me about my love life or worried that I’m going to be forever alone!

Now where’s my alcohol?

movie drinking wine movie gif drinking gif


4. Speaking of alcohol, being single on Vday is probably one of the best reasons to get wasted

drunk alcohol bachelorette bachelorette 2015


5. Couples really need to stop writing all those cheesy posts about each other

All that public display of affection is giving me goosebumps. Please. Staphhh.

adventure time frustrated face palm


6. Swallowing the loneliness

There’s that inevitable lonely feeling that hangs around your head no matter how happy you are being single. And Valentines being on a Sunday is definitely not helping.

sad lonely meh


7. The struggle of finding a friend to hangout with but everyone seem to be occupied.

Don’t mind me while I rot at home alone today.


8. Couples professing how much they love each other

“I love you forever and everrrrr.” Well, that’s great. I love pizza.

love happy food smile life


9. But once you find your single friends, you guys turn the day up better than any couple would


10. Lay back and enjoy your day

Even if you don’t feel like going out, when you remember all the drama you have to put up with in a relationship, you thank God that you’re single and indulge in what we call, life.

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