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Young Guy And Elderly Auntie Gets Into Huge Drama On Bus, Even Spits At Each Other



Singaporean Young Man And Elder Auntie Fight On Bus, Both Kick And Spit At Each Other - World Of Buzz 1

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Taking public transportation usually means having to squeeze with random strangers all time. So of course, one should expect strangers to knock into us or stand uncomfortably close to us in crowded trains and buses.

But one auntie seem to have lost her cool after a young man accidentally hit her on a double decker bus. Apparently, the guy had evaded her personal space, Mothership reported.

The incident took place inside an SBS Transit bus in Singapore.

The auntie yelled at the youngster,

“Bastard! Bastard!”

The guy (who’s not very visible) replied in a sarcastic matter which of course fueled the auntie further, making her yell at him again about the incident.

But the elder lady’s stop was near and so she moved towards the door of the bus. But before her stop arrived, the youngster yelled back at the elder lady.

He called her ‘old auntie’ in a rude way which obviously pissed her off. She turned back and tried to hit and slap him but the guy tried to kick her back!

Another man, presumably the angry guy’s friend, tried to stop the altercation. But the auntie was still unhappy at the younger guy’s rudeness and was having none of it!

She screamed and struggled to keep fighting. But when she couldn’t reach the guy, she spat at him. But the younger man too decided to spit back at the elder woman.

Finally the friend of the guy and a school boy stepped in to stop the fight. Aww even xiao di di (little boy) is trying to stop this whole drama.

By then, a few other bystanders intervened too… but vocally only lah…

“Eh brother, you spit at her kena other people also you know. She’s an old lady lah. Just…” one guy said.

While a few other strangers chimed in saying, “Auntie, enough lah auntie.”


But it was one whole super huge drama lah, with intense exchange of words here and there. The dispute finally came to an end when the auntie had to get off her stop. But even then, the two won’t stop bickering!

The video was only recently uploaded (eventhough the OP had a typo stating it’s 2016), and it went viral instantly.

Watch the epic argument here:

What do you guys think of this spat?

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