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“What about Kelantan?” – PAS ADUN Helps Build Wells in Uganda, Gets Called Out by M’sians


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Source: Dr Azman Ibrahim | Twitter

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PAS Relief and NGO Warga Cakna had organised a trip to Uganda on June 16 (Sunday) to June 19 (Wednesday) to conduct several programs in the country, including a Qurban (cow and goat sacrifices) and a well building program.

Among those involved in the trip was Jabi ADUN, Dr Azman Ibrahim.

Taking to his Twitter page, Dr Azman Ibrahim shared an inside looked into the well building program, where he washed the faces of Ugandan children with the water from the completed well.

Water 5

Water 6

He wrote, “Water is life. In a village in the interior of Uganda, they have no clean water supply here. The completion of a tube well donated by PAS Relief and NGO Warga Cakna will provide precious benefits for the Muslim population here.”

“Come, kids. Let Pok Cik Man (his nickname) wash your faces.”


In the video showcased, Dr Azman Ibrahim could be seen using the water from the donated well to wash the faces of the Ugandan children standing around him.

Water 7

And while the well is truly something beneficial to the underprivileged people living at the Ugandan village, many Malaysians pointed out that the politician should focus on the wellbeing of his own people, aka Malaysians.

Water 1

Water 2

“They can build tube wells with PAS contributions in Uganda, when in Kelantan, the people are building tube wells with their own money.”

Water 3

“Come to Kelantan and I’ll wash your face with rusty water.”

Water 4

“Take care of Kelantan first lah, don’t go be a busy body in other countries first.”


It is important to note that Dr Azman Ibrahim is an ADUN for a constituency in Terengganu, not Kelantan. Though, there is nothing stopping him from helping out his fellow party members in providing clean water for Kelantan.

After all, if he can do it for a foreign country, he should be able to do it for a fellow Malaysian state too.

You can check out his post here.

What do you think about this? Do feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.


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Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter
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