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Viral Video Shows Bone-Setting Specialist Helping Traffic Police With Old Injuries



Famous Master Chris Leong Helps - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Facebook

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Dato Dr Chris Leong is a famous bone setting specialist from Malaysia and chances are you’ve seen him treating patients on Facebook videos by ‘popping’ their joints. However, one of his recent patients turned out to be an on-duty traffic police, and the treatment was done by the roadside!

The whole incident was recorded and uploaded on the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) Facebook page. In the 2-minute video, the corporal named Abdul Wahid Hakim from Serdang Police Headquarters was heard telling Chris about how he injured his right hand in an accident.

Source: Facebook

Although the accident happened quite some time ago, the cop could still feel immense pain when he tried extending his right thumb. Hearing that, Chris replied with “senang saja”, and then started accessing his condition.

The cop reacted with tremendous pain when Chris tried to extend his right thumb. Knowing exactly what went wrong, Chris started working his ‘magic’ and you can clearly hear the bones were put back into the right place. The master then went on and gave treatment to the cop’s shoulder and backbone too. The policeman was thoroughly relieved by the end of the session.

Here’s the video.

This video had gone viral on social media with PDRM citing the incident as an example of how police-community relations should be like. Of course, there were some netizens who jokingly said Chris gave the treatment just to get off the ticket.

Just because a citizen is interacting with the traffic police by the roadside doesn’t mean something fishy is going on, okay. 

Master Chris Leong’s skills in bone-setting are truly incredible and indisputable. If you’re seeking for his service, more information is available hereKipidap Chris! 


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