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Video: Frontliner in Sabah Dangerously Crosses Fragile Wooden Bridge, Netizens Question Govt’s Inaction



Source: Twitter

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A video of a frontliner in the rural areas of Sabah has been getting the attention of netizens on Twitter with many being appalled that areas with such conditions still exist.

In the video, a Covid-19 frontliner fully decked in a hazmat suit can be seen carrying a box while trying to walk across a bridge built over what looks like a swamp or river. With his one free hand to hold onto the wall, the frontliner very cautiously steps on the damp and fragile wooden planks that are placed with huge gaps in between each other.

The planks aren’t even wide enough for the frontliner’s whole foot as he struggles to keep himself from slipping as the suit restricts his movements. One wrong move could end in serious injuries from how weak the structure of the bridge was built.


Netizens expressed their sympathy with many hailing frontliners as the true heroes of the country while most questioned why the government had not done anything about it.

“How do places like this still exist in the first place anyway? Doesn’t the government feel guilty about this?” one netizen commented.

“Utmost respect to the frontliners but look at the living condition they’re in? It’s 2020 for God’s sake?? The government has truly failed us.”

“Why are they continue to live in this kind of condition? Can the government upgrade their living standard and infrastructure. This is sickening.”

Evidently, this is not the only place in Sabah with such conditions where wooden houses are built on stilts over water. We only hope the government takes notice of these areas and do something about it as places like this are unacceptable to live in.


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