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TikTok To Ban Ads For Fasting Apps, Dieting & Weight Loss Products To Support Body Positivity



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TikTok is going to introduce new ad policies that will ban advertisements for fasting apps and weight loss supplements, as well as increase restriction to those advertisements that promote a harmful or negative body image.

According to Tara Wadhwa, the Safety Policy Manager of TikTok United States, TikTok is focused on working to safeguard its community from harmful content and behaviour while supporting an inclusive and body-positive environment.

Other than banning the ads that  do not support the positive, inclusive, and safe experience that TikTok strives for, TikTok also strengthens its policies by:

– Only allowing weight management products to reach users aged above 18 years old.
– Imposing stronger restrictions on weight loss and implied weight-loss claims.
– Imposing further restrictions to limit irresponsible claims made by products that promote weight loss management or control.
– Not allowing ads promoting weight loss and weight management products or services to promote a negative body image or negative relationship with food.

Besides, TikTok is also developing community partnerships and resources, such as partnering with NEDA, the National Eating Disorder Association.

It will also show support to the Weight Stigma Awareness Week held by NEDA and educate TikTok users about what weight stigma is, why it should matter to everyone, and how they can find support or support others who may be struggling.

“Weight stigma has been documented as a significant risk factor for depression, body dissatisfaction, and low self-esteem,” said TikTok partner and National Eating Disorders Association CEO, Claire Mysko. “Social media is a powerful tool to create safe and inclusive spaces where all bodies are accepted and celebrated.”.

TikTok also urges users to report, block, apply comment filters, and select “not-interested” for harmful and upsetting content related to body shaming.

TikTok believes that it is creating an environment for its users to feel comfortable, confident, and safe to be exactly who they are while expressing themselves freely. It will also continue to look for ways to support its community and foster a positive environment for everyone on TikTok.


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