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This Retro Bar in Subang Serves Amazing M’sian Dishes With a Twist & Here Are Our Faves



Country Barns - WORLD OF BUZZ 10
Source: Country Barn

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Great music and good food is a match made in heaven but sometimes, places like that are hard to come by, right?

Well, at Country Barn, you will find yourself grooving to some great tunes while you enjoy some really sumptuous meals with your family and friends.

Country Barns - WORLD OF BUZZ 8

Source: Country Barn

A family business run by husband and wife, Jeffrey Bhagwan and Paulin Aro, Country Barn is a family-friendly pub and restaurant that is traditional and cosy. They mainly serve Malaysian food with a Western twist as the owners bring their own spin to the food. Sounds delish, right?

Country Barns - WORLD OF BUZZ 6

Source: World of Buzz

Of course, our constantly-hungry selves were more than pleased to drop by Country Barn when we received the invite and we didn’t regret saying ‘yes’ to experience their amazing bar and pub grub as well as alcohol-infused beverages. Out of all the dishes we tried, these are some of our favourites that we’d recommend you check out!

PS: if you love pork, you’re in for a treat or two! 


1. King Gopal’s Uppu Curry (Chicken)

If you haven’t had Uppu curry ( aka salty curry) before, then get ready to be blown away!

King Gopal’s Uppu Curry, named after the owners’ uncle, will take you back in time as you savour the unusual chicken curry served with bread or rice. No joke, I felt like I visited my childhood after eating this dish.

Country Barns - WORLD OF BUZZ

Source: Country Barn

Cooked in gingelly oil and seasoned with regular Indian spices, this dish is not too overwhelming with its flavours. Instead, the flavours of King Gopal’s Uppu Curry slowly builds up as your taste buds gradually take in the subtle saltiness of the curry by the third yummy bite. Mmm, already craving for it again RN! 

Psst… King Gopal’s Uppu Curry goes great with a chilled pint of beer. 


2. Siew Yoke Pizza 

Nothing is more Malaysian than a pizza made out of pork belly aka siew yoke!  This dish is best described in two words: crunchy and generous.

Country Barns - WORLD OF BUZZ 2

Source: World of Buzz

The Siew Yoke Pizza really lives up to its name as it’s jam-packed with fatty chunks of pork belly, so you’ll get just the right amount of it on each slice. The siew yoke itself is very crunchy but its crispiness is well-balanced with the size of each chunk of meat too. All these heavenly toppings sit on a thin crust pizza that’s ideal if you don’t like too much dough.

FYI, pork belly is actually considered healthy


3. Pork Burger 

They weren’t kidding when they said that they use 200 grams of pork meat to make the patty because that’s one heck of a burger! Confession: my mouth is still watering thinking about this burger. 

Topped with two types of cheese, caramelised onions and homemade pickled chillies, this burger with a pork patty that’s grilled to perfection is “all taste and no fuss”. It delivers everything you expect from a burger and doesn’t shy away with its flavour because each bite is sinfully juicy.

Country Barns - WORLD OF BUZZ 1

Source: Country Barn

Plus, it comes with fries. Who can say no to crispy-on-the-outside and soft-on-the-inside fries? 


4. Luncheon Meat Fries 

Speaking of fries, here’s a familiar bar snack that you’ve probably had during all those happy hours but the one served at Country Barn stands out for one reason, and that reason is: they use PURE luncheon meat! *salivates*

This Retro Bar in Subang Serves Amazing Malaysian Dishes With a Twist & Here Are Our Favourites - WORLD OF BUZZ

Source: World of Buzz

Marinated with powdered spice, the Luncheon Meat Fries is spicy and crunchy; yet its taste is not overpowered by the spicy marinade. Not only that, they serve their own sauce that they custom make out of multiple store-bought sauces. It’s sweet and spicy, all at the same time! 


Like booze and music? Great! Here are other things to check out: 

Besides food, Country Barn also has a wide array of alcoholic drinks like assorted whiskeys, wines and cocktails (which will be served free flow on a certain night).

Country Barns - WORLD OF BUZZ 9

Source: Country Barn

We tried a few from the bar and we must say that the Sunset Venus is one you shouldn’t miss. Plus, it’s also their own invention! 

Country Barns - WORLD OF BUZZ 5

Source: World of Buzz

Want to give this vodka-based cocktail a taste? Make sure you drop by on a Wednesday because that’s the only day it’s available.

Bonus for being a lady: Wednesday also happens to be their Ladies’ Night and that means you and your girlfriends can get this pretty concoction for FREE from 8pm to 10pm! Time to jio your squad! 

Fun fact: the drink was named Sunset Venus because it resembles a sunset and Venus was added to the name as it’s a drink that’s only served on Ladies’ Night. 

Country Barns - WORLD OF BUZZ 7

A very friendly and warm ambience | Source: Country Barn

Meanwhile, you can also catch live performances by local bands and artists every Friday and Saturday!

Can’t wait to pay Country Barn a visit? Here’s where you can find them. 

Address: No. G16, Jalan USJ Sentral 3, USJ Sentral, Persiaran Subang 1, Subang Jaya
Opening hours: 5pm – 12am (Monday – Thursday) / 5pm – 1am (Friday – Saturday)


For more updates on activities and events at this place, follow them on Facebook and InstagramHave fun, guys! 


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