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Thief With Parang Beaten into a Bloody Mess After a Failed Robbery in Sarawak



Robber with Parang Beaten to a Bloody mess in an Attempted Robbery - World Of Buzz

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Warning: Graphic images are included in this article

A recent post on Facebook by mandarin news page JB情報网 (JBReport) has gone viral after videos of a robber beaten to a bloody pulp surfaced on the internet.

Robber with Parang - World Of Buzz Robber with Parang - World Of Buzz 1
Image source: FB/JBReport

The post claims that 3 robbers arrived in a single vehicle, armed with Parang and fireworks. They attempted to rob a shop at Batu 4, Kuching, Sarawak about 12.50am.

The robbers even threw a lit firework but it appears that their attempted robbery was a bust and two of them fled the scene leaving one of their accomplice behind to face the music alone.

Taking justice into their own hands, the angry shop owners struck the robber with metal pipes.

Robber with Parang - World Of Buzz 3 Robber with Parang - World Of Buzz 2
Image source: Video from MASK MARK

Despite the robber being visibly injured and bruised with excessive amounts of blood staining the floor, the enraged shopkeepers continued delivering blows onto the man laying on the ground.

The post has been shared over 19,200 times and counting; while more than 1,300 wrote to share their views on the matter.

Watch the video below:

Many approved the actions of the shopkeepers and stated there is no need to pity the robber. While others who suffered from a personal experience also took the side of the shopkeepers.

Many claimed that the robbers were the ones who were heartless to carry out these criminal activities, and that they were armed with Parangs so they will similarly slash at their victims with no sympathy.

One user wrote, “Whenever I see this kind of people, it reminds me of the time my mother got robbed. At that time, who was around to help/pity my mom?! If it was me or my friends that are robbed, I would also beat up the robber and even much more than just this. Send them off to prison! Instead, these people are let loose.”

Auto Draft - World Of Buzz 476
Image source: FB/JBReport

Many others also expressed that the shop keepers went a little too far on the beatings and that there was no need to go ‘gangster’ on him. Instead, the shop keepers should’ve handed the suspect to the police to be dealt with.

“There are still laws in Malaysia and there’s no need to beat the man till his blood is oozing everywhere. Just hand him to the police and let them do their thing. What the robber did was wrong but no one should resort to these kind of beatings.” another user wrote.

What do you think?

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