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These 15 Nostalgic Games Malaysians Used to Play As a Kid Will Give You All The Feels


These 15 Nostalgic Games Malaysians Used To Play As A Kid Will Give You All The Feels - World Of Buzz
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Often times we find ourselves talking about the best part of our childhood days as if they were just yesterday. Back then, technology wasn’t so advanced and we had limited access to the Internet so as kids, we were pros in amusing ourselves with our own games. Now, it seems like it’s dying out as kids these days are often pacified with a smartphone in their hands but they will never know the fun and adrenaline rush of playing “Pepsi-Cola” on a Monday! Because your shoes are freshly washed and clean!


1. Lat tali lat


Source: google image

This is the game that is usually played in the beginning to decide on something. For example, it can be used to determine who goes first or even divide into teams, depending on what game you are playing next.


2. One two jus

Image Result For One Two Jus

Source: google image

One two som or one two jus is just our Malaysian way of calling that classic game, rock paper scissors. There are many ways of playing this game like taking a step back every time you win, slapping the loser’s hand or even the best three out of five to determine the winner. We bet you still play this even though you’re an adult now!

Tumblr O12I1Alhco1Rt8Loro1 R1 1280

Source: tumblr


3. Eraser battle

Image Result For Country Eraser Flag Game

Source: pinterest

You can use any type of erasers you have but the experts know that those with the country flags on them are by far the best! All you have to do to win is to flip the erasers until one of it lands on the opponent’s erasers. Then, the winner gets to collect the spoils of “war” by getting to keep the loser’s eraser. Remember how we had to hide them when the teachers came in otherwise we could get our entire collection confiscated?


4. Various forms of tag

Cbs Tag Gif By The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

Source: giphy

Truth to be told, we never ever call them tag. Our way of ‘catching’ has a lot of variations, from the common game of tag to police and thief or ice and freeze. I called them ice and water but they’re the same!


5. ‘Chopsticks’ game

You must remember this game, which uses both of your hands to add up the number of fingers or ‘chopsticks’ until you run out of fingers. Don’t you just hate it when your opponent keeps on transferring them over and over just to ‘stay alive’ and dragging on the game?


6. Eagle catching chicks

50200014992522154424932853735 S

Source: baike

Not that kind of chicks, these are ‘chicks’ that are about to get caught by the ‘eagle.’ And it’s the mother hen’s job to protect her chicks behind her in a line so that they are not taken by the eagle, who chases after the chicks as the mother hen tries her best to protect them!


7. Thumb wrestling

Nicksplat Thumb Wrestling Gif

Source: giphy

It may look like a simple game, but it takes some strategy and perseverance to win the game. Tricking your opponent into putting his thumb down first and striking at the precise moment requires rigorous practice to make it a victorious game.


8. Conquer

Image Result For Conquer Wei Qi

Source: pinterest

It’s called ‘Wei Qi’ in Mandarin. Of course, this is normally played on your mathematics exercise book because of all the grids which makes it easier. Who else remembers playing this when your teacher is teaching giving you free time to complete your homework?


9. Congkak


Source: tumblr

This traditional Malay game is part of Malaysia’s unique culture, often played casually with friends and family. This wooden plank and the guli make up a timeless game that you secretly hope to play again no matter how old you are.


10. Paper fortune teller

800Px Cootie Catcher

Source: wikipedia

Do you remember this? We all made this when we were young and would ask it to “predict” our future, as if a piece of paper was really psychic enough to know when it was randomly written by ourselves. I wonder how many of my fortunes told have come true…


11. Batu Seremban

Image Result For Batu Seremban

Source: star2

Simple yet fun to play with, this game is often played at home or even in school. There were several levels to this and is usually played with five cloth bags filled with rice, beans or beads. Otherwise, even small rocks work too!


12. Pepsi-cola 123

Playing this game will always result in a pair of dirty school shoes and we would then get lectured by our parents. Unless you are the winner, then you get to keep your shoes relatively clean. At least this game is good for strengthening your leg muscles and jumping skills!


13. Lompat getah

Source: twitter

Besides shooting people with rubber bands (please don’t do that), we used to tie them up to make a long ‘rope’ which we would then use to play lompat getah. Why bother buying an actual skipping rope when you can DIY one with just rubber bands and make it as long as you want? This game was pretty cool to watch as the players would bust some awesome moves as they tried to successfully jump over the rope.


14. Bottle caps

Image Result For Ceper Game

Source: pinterest

This was a pretty cool game that involves dexterity and aim as you had to be a good shot to hit those bottle caps. Plus, since we were broke students back then, getting bottle caps are free. It may look like a casual game made by kids but it is a serious competition of accuracy and dexterity!


15. Gasing


Source: blogspot

This is another traditional game in Malaysia that every Malaysian must know. These wooden tops have captivated the hearts of many Malaysians with their elegant shapes and designs. These designs are not just for show, they will also affect the outcome of the ‘battle’ on top of having skills. Even though Japan might have come up with some fancy spinning tops called Beyblade, every true blue Malaysian will know that the gasing is truly the OG.

Ahh, all these games bring back so many memories. Which one was your favourite?


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