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[TEST] “Why can’t I fall asleep?!” 5 Mistakes M’sians Make When Choosing Bed Sheets That Can Disrupt Your Sleep

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Have you been struggling to fall asleep lately but can’t really point out why you’re so restless in bed? Chances are, it might be caused by your bedding! Many Malaysians are not aware that your choice of bed sheets can actually affect your sleeping experience. Thus, we’ve compiled this list of common mistakes that most of us are guilty of when choosing our bed sheets and why it’s bad for us!


1. You buy based on what you feel in-stores

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Most people don’t really know how to find the best bed sheet for themselves. Thus, they’d usually just use the power of touch and feel the display models in the store. Then they’ll buy whatever they think would feel nice.

The mistake here is that many do not read the description to find out what exactly the sheets are made of. This would explain why those sheets might not feel as nice after just one wash and you’ll end up stuck with poor quality sheets. Instead, you can try looking out for these things when you’re out shopping:

  • Material: Find out which material is best for you based on your needs, allergies, etc.
  • Thread count: Spoiler alert! Higher thread count doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better. More on this below! 👀
  • Weave: This refers to the way the fabric is woven and it can affect the texture and the durability of the sheets.
  • Measurements: Not all brands adopt the same standard measurements for the different sizes. Make sure you also check out the measurements.


2. Get to know the different types of ‘weaves’ in a bed sheet

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Though the ‘weave’ is invincible to the eyes, you can definitely feel it when lying in bed!

As we’ve mentioned in the previous point, the type of weaves in a bed sheet can affect the sheet’s softness, appearance, durability and even price. The most common type of weaves are:

  • Sateen weave: Produces a silky smooth and almost lustrous feeling, perfect for those who love to snuggle in bed.
  • Percale weave: More lightweight, crisp and breathable so it’s usually preferred during hot weather.
  • Combed cotton: Usually very strong and durable yet still quite soft to the touch.

So the next type you’re looking for new sheets, make sure to note the type of weave it uses to ensure you’re getting the best one!


3. You think all bed sheets serve the same function


The reason why this mindset is wrong is that there are actually tons of options for bed sheets that serve a different function. For instance, silk sheets are useful for people with allergies or those who have sensitive skin. Meanwhile, cotton sheets are preferable for hot weather since they are cooler to the touch.

By getting to know the differences in these different sheets, you can also figure out what type of bed sheet you should get based on your needs so you can improve your sleep cycle.


4. You’re buying the wrong sized sheets for your mattress

Fitted Sheet Struggle

When it comes to our mattresses, most Malaysians would measure them by their width and length and would then buy their sheets based on these measurements. In actuality, knowing the depth of your mattress is just as important! Not all mattresses utilise the same standard size which could affect the fit of your sheets.

Using ill-fitted sheets can risk ruining your mattress and it can also be quite uncomfortable to lie on. Not to mention it will definitely ruin those sheets faster, which means it’ll be quite a waste of your money.


5. You always choose sheets with the highest thread count

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If you’ve gone shopping for bedding before, then you’ve definitely heard of the term ‘thread count‘, right? However, a lot of Malaysians don’t actually know what it means and so, they never pay attention to it when shopping for their bed sheets.

Thread count actually refers to the number of threads used per square inch of fabric. But don’t be fooled! Higher thread count doesn’t necessarily equate to better quality. The truth is, most sheets that are advertised to have more than 500 thread counts might be using cheaper material. Thus, the ideal thread count for high-quality sheets should only be about 300 to 400.

Unfortunately, when it comes to premium bed sheets with a good thread count, it can be quite tricky to find. Not to mention they would usually be on the more pricey side. But fret not! We’ve recently found out about this awesome local brand that is offering superb quality bed sheets at attractive prices…

Introducing Seriously Soft Sheets by Kapas Living, a homegrown brand in Malaysia!

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Kapas Living offers Malaysians a wide variety of bed sheets that are not only made from high-quality materials but are also reasonably priced, which means you can get premium sheets for much less!


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But what’s so great about these sheets from Kapas Living? Here’s all you need to know about them:

  • These sheets have an ideal thread count of 400 with 80×80 yarn that also makes the sheets super durable.
  • The sheets are 100% cotton and the material used is also certified to be chemical-free.
  • The cotton material used also contains extra-long fibres, which means it is longer-lasting, more absorbent and breathable!
  • The sheets are designed with an exclusive Sateen weave pattern (one-yarn-under and three-yarn-over) which gives the sheets a silky smooth feeling.
  • The sheets are also equipped with tons of functional features such as labelled ends, deep pockets, strong elastics, useful ties, and many more.

Another great thing is that you can purchase the sheets separately, in a set or you can mix and match different colours! The individual Kapas Living sheets are priced from RM169 to RM279, depending on the sizes. The sheets also come in sets that are priced from RM189 to RM309. [client to check the price range] But if you’re still hesitant to try it out, we’re here to deliver some good news…

Kapas Living is currently having a special Raya promo where you can get 10% off for purchases up to RM150, 15% for purchases up to RM450 and 18% for purchases above RM450!


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With the quality you’re getting, we’d say that you’re definitely getting a steal with these prices!

Apart from bed sheets, they also offer duvet covers and sets, pillowcases and bolster cases. They’re definitely a one-stop-shop for everything you need to get a good night’s sleep! So what’re you waiting for, guys? Head on over to the Kapas Living website to grab these comfy sheets asap.


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