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Taiwanese Man Marries & Divorces Same Woman Multiple Times In 37 Days To Get Extended Paid Leave



For illustrative purposes | Source: Pinterest & iStock photo

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The man got married 4 times and divorced 3 times with his spouse just to get a total of 32 days of paid leave! Talk about dedication…

What would you do to get extra paid leave from your workplace? Well, one particular guy in Taipei took his paid leave application to the next level as within a span of 37 days, he got married to the love of his life four times in between three divorces with the same woman just to get an extended paid leave. Say what?!

As reported by Newsweek, the man, who is a clerk at a bank in Taipei got his 8 days leave request approved by his employer for his first marriage. This was in 6 April last year and once his marriage leave was over, he divorced his wife and married her again the next day to ask for another paid leave. He repeated this until he married his wife/ex wife four times and managed to get a total of 32 days paid leave.

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However, his employer caught wind of what was going on and refused to approve the man’s leave request after the initial first 8 days. The man was not deterred and went on to the whole 32 days leave anyway and afterwards filed a complaint against his employers.

The man did his research and knew that according to Article 2 of the Labour Leave Rules in Taiwan, ‘an employee is entitled to eight days of paid leave for their own wedding’. Hence, his application for 32 days paid leave while unconventional, was legitimate.

In fact, the Taipei City Labour Bureau sided with the groom in October 2020 following the complaint. The bank appealed, claiming the man’s ‘malicious abuse of marriage leave was not a legitimate cause of leave under the Labour Leave Rule’ but on 10 April 2021, the appeal was also rejected.

The Taiwanese authorities noted that the employee was in fact doing something highly suspicious but it was not illegal. They found that the man ultimately found a bizarre loophole in Taiwan’s labour laws.

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The bank was ultimately fined RM2900 for violating the Labour Leave Rule for not approving their employee’s leave.

What do you guys think of the whole incident? Would you do the same thing in Malaysia if there’s a same loophole? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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Source: Pinterest
Source: iStock photo

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