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Samyang Just Released 4 Brand New Flavours and It’s Now Finally in M’sia!



Samyang Just Released 4 Brand New Flavours & We Can't Stop Drooling! - WORLD OF BUZZ 1
Source: WOB & @omgSYEDOT | Twitter

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We’re sure everyone on the planet has heard of Samyang’s fiery noodles that’s tantalised (and probably burnt) millions of taste buds. We don’t know about you, but we’re addicted to the spice! 

If you’re a fan of their hot chicken flavour, then do we have news for you because Samyang has just come out with 4 brand new flavours based on Korean favourites for you to sink your teeth into. And here’s the first-hand inside scoop because they dropped us some of them all the way from South Korea itself!

Samyang - WORLD OF BUZZ 1

Here are the new flavours you just have to try for yourself, especially if you love Korean food!


1. Kimchi

Samyang - WORLD OF BUZZ 2

Any self-respecting Korean food lover knows their Kimchi very well, so you just have to give these soup-style noodles a try. Heck, why not add more fresh Kimchi to it for an extra kick?


2. Topokki

Samyang - WORLD OF BUZZ 5

Topokki (rice cake typically served with chilli paste) is a classic Korean comfort food everyone can enjoy. These noodles are served soup-style in a mildly spicy broth inspired by the chilli paste served alongside Topokki. If you’re looking for a nice amount of spice that won’t burn your tongue off like Samyang’s fire noodles, this is a great alternative!


3. Bulgogi

Samyang - WORLD OF BUZZ 6

If you’re in the mood for more savoury flavours, then definitely try out Samyang’s Bulgogi-flavoured noodles! Served stir-fried (dry) style, these noodles taste just like traditional bulgogi (beef-flavoured with soy sauce and chilli).


4. Jjajang 

Samyang - WORLD OF BUZZ 3

Another Korean favourite definitely has to be Jjajang (black bean sauce noodles), and it’s now in instant form! These noodles have a little sweetness to them, so if you’re in the mood for something different, definitely give this flavour a try.

Drooling yet? Well, you’d be excited to know that Samyang’s new noodles are now finally in Village Grocer and The Store for you to get your hands on them!


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