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Pictures of Two Otters Killed & Cruelly Hung by Fish Breeder in Penang Go Viral



Source: Twitter

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Warning: Gory images ahead, viewer’s discretion is advised. 

Well, this is just cruel! 

Lobak Merah recently reported that two otters were cruelly killed and hung by a fish breeder. The incident apparently took place in Simpang Ampat, Pulau Pinang.

Pictures of the dead otters were shared by a Twitter account and at the time of writing, the post has gotten over 6,400 retweets.

Yikes! In the photos, you can see that even the flies have started to feed on the poor otters’ corpses. 

Source: Twitter

The post was accompanied by a caption that read,

“The mentality of some people. To a fish breeder, otters may be pests but must they (the otters) be killed like this? Even after killing it, the otters are hung like they are lowly beings.”

After the post went viral, many netizens felt that the act was cruel as it displayed a lack of humanity. One netizen pointed out that the otters may have had families and it was only trying to feed their families by hunting for food. :'(

Source: Twitter

Another netizen said that the perpetrator could have done that to give a warning to other otters but he stressed that it was still wrong to do so.

Source: Twitter

Other netizens just thought that the act was just cruel and inhumane. Meanwhile, one person suggested that they should have buried the otters instead of hanging them up. True!

Source: Twitter


Source: Twitter

This is sad! Even though they may be pests or threatening your livelihood, it doesn’t mean that they should be treated this way because it’s inhumane. Perhaps the perpetrator should’ve come up with a better plan to get rid of the otters instead of doing it so cruelly.


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