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M’sians Condemn Tourist Who Ordered Coffee in Full Mandarin & Threw Money on Countertop in KL Cafe


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Source: Facebook | 中国人在马来西亚

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Language barriers can be stressful, especially when you’re in a rush. Malaysia is a multi-racial country and its diversity (not just the food) keeps people coming back.

However, not everyone in Malaysia shares a similar mother tongue. On his Facebook page 中国人在马来西亚, a tourist from China recently shared a clip of his conversation with an attentive Starbucks barista in KLIA and let’s just say, the man eventually got his order despite the language barrier.

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In full Mandarin, the man ordered himself a Venti cup of latte, but couldn’t understand when the barista, who spoke in English asked if he wanted sugar with his coffee.

“Sugar? What’s sugar?” the man asked his friend who translated for him.

He told the barista that he just wanted his coffee with a normal sweetness level, and proceeded to gently throw an RM100 note onto the countertop.

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The barista asked if the man had a change or a smaller amount of banknote, to which he eventually handed RM20 to the barista.

The conversation in 2 different languages was a bit of a struggle but the tourist expected the barista to understand Mandarin a little.

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“Do they understand me? I think they might understand me a little,” he told his friend who was standing next to him.

The man left after getting his beverage, and the 2 baristas that served him did not express any dissatisfaction over the language barrier.

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Manners maketh man

Malaysian netizens, on the other hand, were not happy to see how the tourists did not bother trying to change the communication language and also how one of them gently threw the banknote on the countertop.

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“When you’re paying, if possible, try not to “throw” the banknote. Respect others, just like how you want yourself to be respected.”

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“Please don’t behave like you’re in your own country. Do some homework before you go overseas, learn about the cultures, and basic English. Thanks.”

“This is so disrespectful.”

“Please learn some basic English, just the simple ones. It helps when you’re overseas.”

Others also praised the skilled barista who did not lose her temper when handling such a situation.

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“The barista deserved praise for her skills.”

“Let’s give the Malaysian ‘adik’ a big like!”

“Her patience impresses me.”

“Some people from China, especially the one in the video tend to test the patience of others regardless of where they go.”

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“I don’t see the language barrier as an issue but please do not throw the money onto the countertop like that. That’s a lack of basic manners.”

“I would’ve invited them out of the store.”

“I don’t see any problems except for how he gave the money. The man might need to improve on that.”

Kudos to the barista who patiently attended to the tourists, despite the language barrier. Have you experienced a major language barrier when you were overseas? Do share with us your experience!



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Source: Facebook

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