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“Is this damage control?” Top Glove Is Offering 9,000 Jobs But M’sians Are Suspicious



Source: South China Morning Post & Astro Awani

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With the year Top Glove has had, can you really blame Malaysians for being suspicious?

Top Glove announced today that they will be offering 9,000 jobs to unemployed Malaysians to help tackle the unemployment problem in Malaysia. In a statement today, the company said they hope to achieve the target through a one-year hiring campaign that starts with the Top Glove Virtual Career Exhibition tomorrow (23 January).

However, Malaysians haven’t been responding positively to this news due to Top Glove’s reputation in 2020. The company has been accused of mistreating their employees and keeping their factories open even after there were reported outbreaks.

“This is probably damage control. Hopefully, they become better employers.”

“Damage control! Are these job offers also because you can no longer hire foreign workers?”

On 24 November 2020, World of Buzz received an email from one such individual who said that despite being told to shut down, the management informed them otherwise. One netizen even said ever since they caused the Teratai Cluster, he has always feared working at Top Glove.

“Ever since this company became the cause for the Teratai Cluster, I’m scared to apply for a job here.”

Besides the cluster, Top Glove has also been called out for placing their foreign workers in unsanitary living quarters. Workers in the dormitories didn’t seem to practice social distancing as well. Their living areas got filthier as no one was available to clean the areas regularly.

An ex-employee of Top Glove even warned netizens that if anyone were to apply for a job there, their mental health needs to be strong.

“As an ex-employee of Top Glove, good luck to whoever that wants to work there, hopefully your mental is strong.”

A PR strategy or a genuine way to help the unemployed Malaysians? Let us know what you think!


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