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“This cluster existed since 2 November but they never closed the factory,” Syed Saddiq Calls Out Top Glove



Source: Info Roadblock JPJ/Polis & Awani

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On 23 November, the new positive cases hit a record high with 1,884 cases of Covid-19. It has been said that out of the daunting sum, 1,067 was from one single cluster which is the Teratai cluster resulting from the Top Glove Factory.

Taking to his social media accounts, Muar MP Syed Saddiq has shared his opinion on the issue.

“Today (23 November) 1,067 Covid-19 positive cases were reported to be from the same cluster Teratai which the source is a company named Top Glove. “

He continued on and said that the company has a track record when it comes to the welfare of their employees. In mid-2020, Top Glove was fined USD 40 million (RM116 million) for failing to take care of the welfare of their employees, forced labour cases, forcing employees to work overtime, withholding salary and confiscating passports. They have already been found guilty and fined.

“Today (23 November) they have failed once again for not protecting the health of their workers. 1,067 employees with positive cases. This cluster has existed ever since 2 November but they never closed the factory. This is why I do not have any sympathy for big companies.”

“They rake in big profits, abandon employee welfare, practice forced labour. And when the pandemic hit Malaysia, they rake in supernormal profits until it hit the market ceiling price (market cap) as high as RM 77.59 billion (till 15 October).”

Syed Saddiq then says that since they are getting supernormal profit, then they should be paying windfall tax which is one-off.  The Muar MP also states that no excuses should be given when their market cap had reached RM 77.59 billion and the windfall tax will only cost them RM4.8 billion.

“If in 1988 we can impose the Windfall Tax on plantations, 2008 on Independent Power Producer why can’t we impose it in 2020 on a rubber glove company that has become the biggest company in Malaysia during the pandemic?”

“I don’t bow to big companies, my priority is the rakyat and not big companies.”

He then stressed and said that they are getting profits in Malaysia so they need to help the country when they are in need.

“They have already enjoyed the billions in profits but only donated RM400million to the country.”

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Source: Awani

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