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Hello Pulis? Malaysian Makes Spaghetti Carbonara With Teh Tarik As Revenge To Mat Sallehs



Source: @ashhryyyyy

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We’ve all seen occasions when angmoh people tried to put their own Western twist on our Malaysian food, which, of course, makes us all enraged that people who have no idea about Malaysian food dare to attempt cooking our one-of-a-kind delicacies.

Well, it’s payback time because this Malaysian guy put a Malaysian twist on Seafood Carbonara using TEH TARIK instead of cooking cream!

@ashhryyyyy on Instagram posted a video of him making what he calls ‘Carbonara Teh Tarik Kurang Manis’. You can see him stir-frying the basic ingredients needed for a normal spaghetti dish like capsicums, mushrooms, onions, shrimps, pepperoni, garlic, black pepper and cheese. But he suddenly adds in a highly unusual ingredient – Teh Tarik. What??

He says that he created this recipe by himself using Teh Tarik Kurang Manis from BOH Tea in replacement of cooking cream and milk and says that the taste of the tea blended well with the gravy and the spaghetti. Who knew?

But the reason behind this unique recipe makes us think that maybe it’s not that bad after all.

When asked what his inspiration behind the recipe was, @ashhryyyyy shared with WORLD OF BUZZ that he wanted to invent a western recipe that’s tastier and one that follows ‘Malaysian style’.

“Because white people can invent Malaysian recipe, so as Malaysian why not? I also can invent mat salleh recipe to be more tasty and following Malaysian style,” he said.

And when asked if this was his way of throwing ‘shade’ at angmohs for trying to put a Western twist on Malaysian food, he agreed that it was!

“Actually this Carbonara taste good because I change the cooking cream with Teh Boh,” he said.

“This one is my own recipe and surprisingly it tastes so good!”

Well, if you are dying to know how Carbonara Teh Tarik Kurang Manis tastes like (apparently it’s really good), here’s the recipe according to @ashhryyyyy:

  • Take 2 packets of BOH Tea kurang manis and mix it with water
  • Stir fry diced onions and garlic with olive oil
  • Once the fragrance comes out, add beef pepperoni, capsicum and shrimp (wait until the shrimp changes colour)
  • Add black pepper
  • Add mushrooms
  • Add carbonara sauce
  • Pour in the teh tarik according to your taste
  • Add two pieces of cheddar cheese
  • Add finely chopped parsley
  • Mix in the spaghetti

Here’s the full video:

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Carbonara Teh Tarik Kurang Manis Spaghetti Teh Tarik Kurang Manis @bohteamalaysia Sos carbonara Capsicum Cendawan Cheese Bawang holland Bawang putih Pepperoni Udang Parsley Black pepper Okay guys menu ni aku buat sendiri menggunakan Teh Tarik Kurang Manis dari @bohteamalaysia, aku gantikan cooking cream & milk kepada Teh Tarik, ya Allah sumpah sedap sangat rasa teh & susu dari teh tu well blend dengan gravy & spaghetti. Korang boleh try nanti. Okay guys untuk bahan bahan capsicum, cendawan, beef pepperoni semua tu kene potong cantik2 okay utk kita masukkan dalam masakkan kita. Ambik 3 peket BOH Teh Tarik Kurang Manis & bancuh utk kita masukkan nanti. Masukkan bawang holland & bawang putih yang telah dipotong dadu atau dicincang kasar kedalam kuali tumis menggunakan minyak zaiton. Bila dah naik bau masukkan beeef pepperoni, capsicum & udang tunggu sehingga udang bertukar warna masukkan black pepper & baru masukkan cendawan. Selepas itu masukkan instant carbonara sos & masukkan bahan utama iaitu BOH Teh Tarik Kurang Manis, masukkan sukatan air teh tu mengikut selera masing2. Kalau nak cair masuk banyak ok. Selepas itu masukkan cheese cheddar sekeping dua & untuk bau lagi sedap masukkan parsley yg telah dipotong halus & last sekali masukkan spaghetti yang telah direbus lepas tu kau gaul gaul dah siap. Makan makan hmm shoshedap shoshedap tiberr. Selamat mencuba! #BOHTea #adaBOHadaUmmph! #BOH #ashhmasak #spaghetticarbonara #shoshedap

A post shared by Ashhryshoshedap (@ashhryyyyy) on

That’s Carbonara Teh Tarik Kurang Manis for you!

We know this recipe sounds really weird in your head, but who knows you might just love it! If you ever have the chance to try this recipe out, let us know how it tastes!


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