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Fake Singaporean Casket Ad Offering V-Day Coffin for Cheating Husbands Goes Viral



Source: Coconuts Singapore

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A relationship is not easy to maintain, and it takes much effort from both parties. We have heard countless shocking and scandalous affairs where the cheating partner and the third party often end up in awful situations. Revenge is dangerous, my friend. 

An advertisement featuring Singapore Casket, one of the oldest funeral services provided in Singapore, has recently gone viral on the Internet, for targeting disloyal husbands this Valentine’s Day, Zao Bao reported. A man placing his hands on the shoulders of two women was depicted in the advertisement, which appeared on Facebook on February 8, along with an outrageous message.

“Surprise your wife this Valentine’s Day by introducing her to your mistress.”

Whoa, that’s pretty bold! 

To add more spice to it, the pranksters behind this act took it to the next level by plastering the Singapore Casket logo with the phrase ‘Message sponsored by…’. The details and contacts of the funeral service company were included as well, which makes it look even more legit.

For those who do no get the joke, the advertisement is directed at scandalous husbands to surprise their wives on this romantic day by exposing their extra-marital affair. Therefore, Singapore Casket was purposely linked to this advertisement as the unfaithful one would most probably get killed by the wife, or maybe the wife would die from anger or shock. A good marketing plan tbh.

While most Singaporean netizens found this advertisement to be hilarious, it’s clearly not a laughing matter for Singapore Casket.

“Singapore Casket would like to clarify that this message was not sponsored and posted by Singapore Casket. This prank message was done by someone who sabotaged our brand. Kindly ignore the message,” they wrote on their Facebook page on February 11.

No legal action will be taken by Singapore Casket for the time being, but they have reserved the right to recover the loss of their reputation from the fake advertisement.

Photoshop may be a fun tool to play with and explore, but some things should still be kept in line alright!


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