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Does Getting Wet From The Rain Make You Sick? M’sian Doctor Debunks This Old Wives’ Tale


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Source: TikTok | klinikbakti_k.pilah

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We’ve all probably heard the saying which suggests that if one plays in the rain, they’re likely to fall sick. And sometimes, we even see this notion occasionally actualise itself after doing it ourselves. But is there any scientific backing behind this old wives’ tale?

Malaysian doctor and content creator Dr Kam recently took to his TikTok page @klinikbakti_k.pilah to discuss the matter and provide some insight into this common query most people have.

“In actuality, rain does not cause one to catch a fever or a cold as we thought. However, when our bodies come into contact with cold rainwater, it produces heat to balance the sudden drop in temperature,” stated the doctor in the video.

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As a result, one’s body strength will also be compromised and make a person more susceptible to illnesses.

“So it can be said that rain does not actually cause us to fall sick if our body’s immune system and stamina is strong,” said Dr Kam.

At the end of his video, Dr Kam also encouraged other Malaysians to be more careful during the rainy season so as to not take the risk and falling sick.

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Receiving thanks from some Malaysians over the information, others also expressed how they used to play in the rain frequently when they were a child, with Dr Kam adding how people’s immune systems in the past were different than that of the present day.

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Watch the full TikTok video below:


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As best understood, it’s safe to say that one shouldn’t play in the rain at all. But knowing the consequences behind the matter is better than being in the dark completely.


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