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M’sian Forest Expert Shares Life-Saving Tips on What to Do if You Get Lost in the Forest or Jungle


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Source: TikTok | tuan_hutan

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A popular pastime for many Malaysians, hiking and mountain climbing has become one of the most sought-after hobbies since pandemic restrictions were eased. Yet, one must not forget the potential dangers that can be faced when you’re out in a secluded forest or jungle.

Malaysian TikTok creator and retired army major Mohd Fitri, also known by his online name Tuan Hutan, has been an active presence on social media, sharing his knowledge of local forest matters and topics surrounding natural resources. However, a recent clip by the jungle warfare expert has been making waves online after he shared tips on what people should do if they get lost in the forest.

At the beginning of the clip uploaded to his page @tuan_hutan, Fitri, who was deep in a jungle, began by explaining how his tips could be used to help someone who is completely stranded, without a phone, wristwatch, survival kit, compass, or jungle knife.

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“The first important thing to do is to not panic. Calm down. Even though you have nothing with you, if you follow the science, humans can survive up to four days without food. Yes, you will be hungry, but as long as you stay calm and try to find water, you will survive,” said Fitri in the video.

Moving on to his second tip, Fitri said that a person should mark the area they are at once realising they are lost, be it by breaking small shrubs or bushes around them or by making a mark in the dirt. The third, and most important step according to Fitri, is to find signs of human life.

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“There are two places where you can find signs of humans. The first is at the peak of a hill or mountain. The second would be near a water source. I am at the slope of a hill, and I see light towards the top of it. I will now hike to the top and see if I can find signs of humans,” added Fitri.

Along the way, Fitri advises Malaysians to pick a leaf stem after 100 step intervals, to keep track of how far one has walked. Upon reaching the top of the hill, Fitri explains that the peak of a hill or mountain is usually the destination Forest Departments and frequent hikers use.

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“Soldiers also use these paths to carry out their practice sessions. Root explorers also live here, so as to carry out their regular duties. Remember, our goal is to find traces human life,” stated Fitri in the TikTok clip.

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At the top, Fitri said that once one can locate or discern a path that may have been trekked before by other humans, they should head down that route to find more signs of recent human interaction with the forest. Finding pieces of trash along the way such as plastic bottles, Fitri stated that these are signs that one is close to civilisation.

At the end of the clip, Fitri stated that while it is not good for people to litter in the forest, such remains can also be a sign that safety is nearby.

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Thanking Fitri for sharing his insightful tips, many Malaysians also shared how they followed similar tactics when they were lost in a forest, eventually finding their way out. Others even stated that this form of knowledge should be spread to school-going children.

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Fitri also handed out other tips in the comments section by those who asked what they should do if they were lost at night. Fitri opined that it is best to find a safe spot, rest while it is dark, and resume one’s journey the following day.

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Watch the full TikTok video below:


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