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Aussie Authorities Suspend M’sian Doctor For Posting Sexist & Racist Comments Online



Source: Mothership / Notes For Chronicle

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Not again! 

A Malaysian doctor was suspended in Australia for posting rape jokes and sexist comments on a Singaporean online forum. The Star reported that Dr Christopher Lee Kwan Chen is being investigated by the authorities after he commented that some women should be raped on the online forum’s threads.

His exact comment is as follows:

  • “Some women deserve to be raped, and that supercilious little b**ch fits the bill in every way. She needs to be abandoned in India and repeatedly raped in order for her to wake up her idea.” 

Even though Lee’s suspension was only meant to begin in May 2019 – so that his workplace will have time to look for a substitute – but as a result of public outcry over the comments above, Lee was asked not to return to work immediately.

Prior to this, Lee was suspended for six weeks by the Tasmanian health practitioners tribunal earlier in April 2019 after he admitted to posting sexist and racist comments online. The suspension will bar him from working anywhere in Australia. 

FYI, Lee, 31, worked in Tasmania before he started working at Box Hill hospital, Victoria in 2018. He worked in the hospital as an emergency doctor.

According to The Guardian, Eastern Health has initiated an investigation following the tribunal’s findings. A statement from Eastern Health read,

“Dr Lee will not be returning to work until the completion of this investigation. We wish to advise that Eastern Health takes the issue of professional misconduct very seriously… we value diversity, inclusivity and living together respectfully and do not tolerate disrespectful comments or racism in any form.”

Additionally, there is also an online petition that is calling for for Lee’s medical license to be revoked. Do you think his medical license should be revoked? 

At the time of writing, the petition has garnered over 2,240 signatures and their goal is to collect a total of 2,500 signatures.

Source: Change.org

To make the situation even worse, Guardian Australia discovered that Lee has made several offensive comments online in the past, and he also posted pictures of medical procedures which he had performed and his patients’ x-rays.

On one occasion, he posted nude photos of a woman who criticised him online as an act of revenge. Lee reportedly wrote he had won the confrontation after the woman shut down her online accounts and said that “a new legion of perverts” would be looking at her pictures. What a sicko! 

Sadly, his actions forced her to shut down her online accounts. Poor woman. 

Apparently, he also posts pictures of his wife and brags about their sex life. One of his distasteful comments about his private life is shown below:

  • “If my marriage fell apart, it would not end in divorce. It would end in murder.”

Source: Mothership

The disgusting man also suggested that he would force his wife to have an abortion by kicking “her down the stairs” if she were to become pregnant. In the face of all the evidence, the tribunal has ordered Lee to go through training about ethical behaviour on social media but it seems to be all in vain.

He has apparently gone online to post a cocky remark in defiance of his situation, which reads, “We’ll see who has the last laugh”. Previously, Lee said that the Malaysian and Australian authorities couldn’t hold him accountable over comments he made on a Singaporean online forum. On top of that, he has also said that his online personality matches his real personality.

He has also yet to delete his profile on the online forum, Hardwarezone, and what’s even more appalling is that he has many supporters who are offering him solidarity. This is just disappointing.

Source: Mothership

As of now, there are no further updates on this issue and we do not know for sure if Lee’s medical license is being revoked. That said, we hope that the authorities will quickly find a solution for this matter and prosecute Lee accordingly if he were to be found guilty.

On that note, for the millionth time, we should be extra careful when posting comments online and we should refrain from making offensive remarks too. Be careful, guys! 


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