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Watch: Angry Man In KL Returns Littered Rubbish Back To Alleged Litterbug


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One of the types of people Malaysians are hating on right now are litterbugs, especially considering litter is clogging up drainage systems and causing floods.

And the trend these past years seem to be people littering streets from their cars.

People hate vehicle owners who litter from their cars so much, that at this point, they’re willing to help return the rubbish to the rightful owners in forceful ways. The MALAYSIA MOST VIRALL Twitter page took to their profile to share a video showcasing an angry man throwing rubbish into a Myvi, after the vehicle owner, believed to be a woman, had allegedly littered the street.

Rubbish 4

They wrote, “Please make this viral until the authorities take action against the Myvi. Keep littering everywhere, it just all came back to you.”

Rubbish 1

The page also praised the angry man for putting the alleged litterbug in her place.

“This uncle is the best, he must feel relieved to be able to release his anger.”

Rubbish 3

In the video, the man (in the red T-shirt) can be seen picking up what is believed to be littered rubbish, before angrily throwing it through the slightly opened window of the Myvi. The road where the Myvi is stationary also appears to be spewed with the woman’s apparent trash.

Rubbish 2

Others could also be seen standing around the car and confronting the Myvi driver. They too kicked and moved the rubbish closer to the woman’s car, before the video ended.

Based on netizens, this incident is believed to have taken place in Kuala Lumpur.


Netizens have since taken to social media to condemn the woman while also praising the man. 

Rubbish 5

Rubbish 6

“Only then will she use her brain, after the brother picks and throws (the rubbish) back into her car. You can see now that littering is getting worse because of people like this who throw as they please.”

Rubbish 8

Rubbish 7


We urge everyone to please stop littering and start having care for the environment around us. The amount of floods we have to face on a yearly basis is getting ridiculous.

You can check out the video here:

What do you think of the angry man’s actions? Share your thoughts in the comment section.


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Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

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