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7 Types of the Worst Plane Passengers



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Can we see a show of hands of those who love AirAsia’s frequent promo flights? Mine is high up in the sky! Traveling on a plane (especially long-distance flights) is can be an annoying experience for some and it could only get worse when you find yourself surrounded with other passengers who add to the annoying list of claustrophobia and leg cramps. These are the seven worst characters to encounter on any flight.

 1. Armrest Hogger


You’re already strapped into the middle seat, with barely any space to give your arms and legs a good stretch two hours into your flight. Cue the neighbour who takes up both the armrest AND stretches out his legs, with no regard to your precious personal space whatsoever.


 2. The Cry Baby


The plane has only begun a slow cruise on the runway, and your hearing is flooded with the screams of every flight’s worst nightmare. Chances are the screams will escalate as the plane soars to greater heights. Don’t you just wish flights implemented sedatives on babies and toddlers?


3. The frequent pee-er


I particularly enjoy aisle seats for the mobility it allows, the armrest and the little one-sided space. But my sky-high bliss is burst when I’m seated with Frequent-Pee-ers who have to visit the loo every half hour. I end up having to unbuckle, stand and step out, then repeat when they come back.


 4. Chatty Cathy


There’s nothing more annoying than having chatterbox as your neighbour. Chatty Cathy (coz it’s usually a girl) is the perkiest passenger on flight, and makes it her business to find out everything about you, as well as expertly weaving in her life story while she’s at it.


 5. Seat-back Sam


OK, so almost all of us are guilty of this offense, but we absolutely have to talk about the rude recliner. A.K.A. Seat-back Sam, he/she always happens to do a sudden, full recline when you’re leaning down for your bag, or leaning forward to eat your steaming-hot cup noodles or when the Frequent-Pee-er is at it again.


 6. Unsupervised Kid


This is easy to ignore but pesky as hell. The Unsupervised Kid is usually a byproduct of passive parenting, a young child with a scary, unyielding tendency of staring challenges and face-pulling in between seats. He also chants in gibberish and will either reach out to touch you or shove his favourite toy at you when you try to ignore him.

 7. The Creep


The nightmare of every girl, The Creep is identified by his over-confident smirk, constant glances and throat clearing, (un)intentional body contact, and if you’re unlucky, small talk. The creep is also easily distracted by the young and heavily made up flight attendants whom he practices his some pickup lines on.


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