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5 Ordinary People That Became Famous Through Chinese Social Media



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Internet fame is a weird thing. You might be a normal person going about your life one day, and then become the center of attention in the next.

Recently, this trend has been sprouting in China, where netizens would spark viral shares of a person on Weibo, a Chinese social media, instantly making them famous.

If only that would’ve happened to me.

Anyway, here are 5 people that the powerful internet has made famous in less than a year!

1. Goddess Teacher

In class: Pictures of the young teacher lecturing emerged in June alongside images of her doing the plank

Xu Dongxiang an acting teacher in Dalian Polytechnic University and gained her fame after images of her exercising were circulated on the internet.

Ms Xu, 23, has been dubbed a ‘goddess teacher’ by the Chinese online community and has more than 260,000 followers on Weibo. This lady who’s got both brain and brawn melted many male hearts across China.

The teacher has been posting selfies and modelling pictures regularly on Weibo under the handle of ‘Xuduoyuer’.Other than her teaching career, Ms Xu has also been a fitness guru.

Hottest tutor? The woman, named as Xu Dongxiang, is an acting teacher in Dalian Polytechnic University

Determined: Above is one of the first pictures that gave Ms Xu stardom. Many praised her perfect plank



2. Most Gorgeous PE Teacher 


Teaching in Zhejiang University, Guo Hong, 29 is a former gymnastics champion which teaches a “beauty aerobics” class. Students from the university rushed to join her classes. Although it’s designed for females, it didn’t stop her male admirers from watching at the side lines!

Aside from her appealing look, Guohong boasts some impressive athletic skills. “I started gymnastic at the age of four, and have always been active in sports. I also won gold medals in various competitions in categories including gymnastics, dance, aerobics, and bodybuilding,” she said.



3. Most Handsome Bus Conductor Ever

Yes, he was actually dubbed this title.

Zhao Haonan, 21, gained his fame thanks to tourists who posted photographs of him online. The overnight sensation who works in Xi’an had his images shared thousands of times on Weibo. Admirers say that he looks like popular American-Chinese actor Daniel Wu, who is also known for his good looks.

Charmer: Pictures of him have been shared thousands of time on Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter

New-found fame: He became aware of his many admirers when one of his friends saw a picture of him online


4. Most Beautiful Biology Teacher


Deng Yuanyuan who teaches biology at a middle school has got people piqued with interest. She has been praised for her doe-eyed good looks and her effortless ability to incorporate grace and style into something as mundane as in-class biology experiments.

According to an ex-student, male students who attended her classes have never fallen alseep in them. In fact, some of them have “discovered their passion for biology”.

If only she taught me for my biology class. I’d probably be acing them every test.





5. The Handsome Policeman

Traffic police, Long Keyi was on duty at a marathon race but things took a different turn when he became the cause for a delay in the marathon. Female marathon runners abandoned their race just to flock to his side to request selfies with him.

Talk about literally stopping traffic.

It was so bad that he hid in his police vehicle, only to be surrounded by a mob of female admirers.

Cheesuz! That’s almost as bad as an A list celebrity. Probably most of them thought he resembled actor Wallace Chung.

No escape: Long Keyi is surrounded in his car by admirers - forcing him to call for (presumably less handsome) back-up

Already taken: Unfortunately for the women of Chongqing, Officer Long has recently got married

Stopped in their tracks: Female runners take a break from the race to have a snap taken with the officer, who many said looked like the film star Wallace Chung


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