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Young Men Now Targeted by Wealthy Sugar Mamas With High Sexual Desire



Young Male Refugee Now Targeted by Wealthy Sugar Mama With High Sexual Desire - World Of Buzz
Source: 4Chan

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Refugees have always been targeted by terrorists and drug gangs. Now, they are being targeted by sex-starved women.

According to Breitbart, young male refugees are currently being targeted by rich elderly women in Austria to fulfil their sexual desires. In exchange, these women would take care of their daily needs and give them money.

Source: Breitbart

A 24-year-old refugee, Hassan, who fled from Iraq to Austria said that a sugar mama in her 50s, known as Linda (not her real name) approached him at a bar. They hit it off there before Linda invited him back to her house where they engaged in sexual relations.

Both started dating after that and Linda even pleaded him to move in, according to Oriental Daily. Hassan revealed that Linda paid for everything including a €120 (approx. RM609) monthly gym membership at a luxurious gym in Vienna.

Life was looking pretty good for him. The only complaint Hassan had was that Linda wanted too much sex. In fact, he said,

“She wants to have sex with me four times a day, I am just a sex machine for her, nothing more.”

Despite the overwhelming sexual demand from Linda, Hassan said he would not leave her because he is dependent on her financially.

Apparently before the refugees arrived in Austria, local women would travel to African countries just to have sex with with men there, and they’d call it “sex vacations”. Now that the refugees are readily available in Austria, the women have exploited them to fulfil their sexual gratification.

What are your thoughts on this guys? 


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