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What Never To Name Your Malaysian Chinese Kids



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Have you ever thought to yourself, “hey! that would be a terrible name if someone named their kid that!” or is it just me?

Yes they will be outrageous and that’s the whole fun of it!

Anyway, here are some names you should not name your future kids, unless you want them to hate you for life. #parentgoals

Resist the temptation you trolls!


1. Wong Sum Ting

aka Sum Ting Wong. We’ve seen this being shared in memes, now don’t be that parent who actually uses it.


2. Liew Pei Si

Cantonese for digging boogers. I actually knew someone with this name. #sorry


3. Yong Tau Foo

Yes, it is very yummy and no, it does not make a good name.


4. Anna Ling

Whoaaa, she is going to be scarred for life.

Ermmm no image required for this. Just..



5. Ben Tan

Mandarin for “stupid”. Being Asian, I don’t think you’d want to name any of your future kids this unless you want a ‘Bsian’.



6. Chew Chun Choi

A much worse name than the previous one, it’s Cantonese for “super stupid”. Another person that I actually knew. #sorry


7. Chow Chee Bai

I would say you people with the surname “Chow” not naming your kid this is a total waste, but then again..



8. Pok Chi Kin

aka Chi Kin Pok. Actually.. the name sounds not too bad what!


9. Bella Chan

No, she’s won’t be in love with Edward, the sparkly vampire but rather, she prefers something a little more hot and spicy!


10. Lau Tak Wah

tak wah

erm, Tak Wah Lau? Not very impressive after all.



11. Loh Shu Fan

Basically a Chinese noodle dish. Not to be named unless you want a child that is like a big fat rat.


12. Nelson Tan

Also means bird laying egg in Mandarin. Now I’m pretty sure all your Nelson Tan friend will look something like this.

nelson tan

Contributed by Nicholas Cheng


13. Beh Tah Han

Just like how you guys can’t with our list right now!


But you still love us anyway! <3


Got more names to contribute? Leave us a message or in our Facebook comment and if we like them, we’ll add them to the list!

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