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Watch: Savage M’sian Picks Rubbish That a Motorist Threw Out of Car & Gives it Back



Watch: Shameless M'sian Throws Rubbish Out of Car but a Pedestrian Picks it Up & Puts it Back on Car - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Twitter
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If double parkers aren’t the most annoying people on the planet, it has to be those uncivilised human beings who think that the world is their rubbish bin.

A video posted on Twitter shows the shameful act of someone in Malaysia, presumably a local, throwing rubbish out of their car window and onto the road. It was recorded on 18th November by a motorist’s dashcam that was waiting in traffic somewhere near Kampung Baru.

The act could have been committed by a child or an adult – no one knows. But this just shows how backward our country still is with citizens thinking there’s nothing wrong with littering in public places.

The litterer from the car probably thought they could dump their trash and never see it again, but what they didn’t know is that their act was caught for the whole world to see.

This is when a man suddenly appears in the video, walks over to their car, picks up their rubbish and places it on their windscreen, probably attaching it under their windscreen wipers.

He then casually walks away like it is something he does on an everyday basis. Savage!

This was met with a huge response from netizens with many saying that they “salute” the man who picked up the rubbish.

“My hero!”

“Hats off!”


Here’s the full video:


We need more people like this! Those who put uncivilised people in their place and tell them that what they did was wrong.


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