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Vengeful Man Rents a BMW with Fake Number Plate Just to Get Neighbour a ‘Saman’



Man Rents a BMW, Forges Fake Number Plate, Speeds Up in Font of Camera Just to Kena His Neighbour - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: China Press

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Guys, you’re not gonna believe what this man did to get back at his neighbour. 

In January 2018, a Singaporean guy surnamed Hong, was sentenced to prison and got his driving license suspended, all because his plan of setting his neighbour up backfired.

Here’s what happened.

On 8 March 2017, Hong was found driving a white BMW at the speed of 116km/h on a road with a speed limit of 70km/h, and the camera caught him. Logically speaking, he should be the one receiving the summon, but instead, it was his neighbour, Tan who got the summon.

The neighbour was shocked and puzzled because she was at home when the traffic violation happened. She then lodged a complaint to the authorities knowing that something was wrong.

The officers at the traffic department then showed Tan the footage of the speeding BMW and the vehicle was indeed bearing her number plate – ‘SJM215K’. However, she did also recognise the BMW as the one that had bumped into her car earlier.

Acting on Tan’s complaint, the police dug deeper and went to a car rental company. That’s when they identified Hong as the culprit, and he pleaded guilty as well! Kantoi!

Source: China Press

Further investigation revealed that Tan and Hong are actually neighbours, and that they became tak syok with each other after Hong refused to give Tan a lift. Things got even uglier during an argument where Hong tailgated and accidentally rear-ended his neighbour’s car.

Since then, Hong has been finding an opportunity to take revenge on Tan. He got so obsessed that he even went to a workshop and paid S$30 (approx. RM89) to forge Tan’s number plate to put on the rented BMW.

Source: China Press

He then purposely sped up in front of the traffic camera and only made a U-turn home after he was certain that the camera had taken his fake number plate. He literally went the extra mile to kena-kan his neighbour! 

The court has now sentenced him to two months of imprisonment and suspended his driving license for a year as punishment.

Well, let’s hope they can bury the hatchet and that Hong doesn’t try to sabo his neighbour again once he is released. 


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