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TV Buying Guide: 6 Factors M’sians Always Overlook When Buying a New TV For Their Homes


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Malaysians LOVE movies and TV shows. Whether it’s Korean dramas, blockbuster films or 2am football matches, the TV is one of our main sources of entertainment. Hence, it is extremely important to choose the right TV for your home. If you have no clue on how to find the right TV, we’ve got you covered! Keep on reading to find out what factors you should consider when buying a new TV.


1. Choose the most suitable screen size 

TVs nowadays come in various screen sizes. But is it true that large TV screens are always better than smaller ones? While large screen TVs usually offer better immersive experiences, we should select the most suitable TV screen size based on:

  • The number of viewers at home
    • Big families often opt for large screen TVs that are at least 65-inch, so that everyone can capture the spectacular details of a movie, including those who are sitting at the sides.
  • The distance between the TV & the viewers
    • A rule of thumb is to multiply your seating distance in inches by 0.835, and you’ll get the most suitable TV screen size for your living room.

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2. Check the audio quality of the TV 

We often overlook the sound performance when buying a new TV. For most TVs, the greater the speaker sound output, the louder and better the audio quality. Besides, it is also wise to choose TVs that come with certified surround sound technology, such as Dolby Atmos, which provides us with an immersive audio experience during film watching.

Other than that, the specs of the TV audio channels are also worth exploring. Most TVs have a 2.1 channel set up, which consists of a subwoofer channel, a left channel, and a right channel. The more audio channels the TV has, the better the audio quality.

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3. Determine the types and number of inputs you’ll need

Another important element is to make sure the connectivity options of the TV suit your personal needs. It is also wise to choose a TV with more connectivity options so that you can use multiple external devices simultaneously with the TV, such as:

  • Bluetooth: connect external devices, such as mobile phones and tablets, to the TV without using cables
  • HDMI ports: connect laptops, gaming consoles and so on
  • USB ports: connect hard drives, pen drives, and digital cameras

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4. Find out how energy efficient a particular TV model is

We don’t want our electricity bills to surge! Before buying a TV, be sure to calculate its energy consumption and make informed judgements based on your daily TV usage. You can calculate it like so:

  1. Multiply the TV’s rated power in watts by its operational hours in a day
  2. Multiply the answer by 30 to get its energy consumption in a month
  3. Then, to calculate its electricity bill, multiply the monthly energy consumption by your electricity tariff. Voila!

Nonetheless, if a TV is primarily used just for a few hours a day at home, you can choose TVs that provide better graphics.

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5. Smart features are a must in this day & age!

Most modern TVs are equipped with impressive smart features. For example, TVs with internet access allow users to surf the web, download apps, scroll through social media, and stream music videos. There are also TVs that offer an immersive viewing experience as well as hand gestures and voice recognition technologies. These smart features elevate our home living by offering endless convenience and entertainment! Thus, if your budget permits, why not choose a TV that provides all the smart features you need? 

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6. Invest in a TV with high-tech display features

Visual technology is by far the most important aspect of a TV. A high-resolution TV with a high refresh rate is usually preferred, as these technologies promise crystal clear and detailed pictures, as well as prevent blurring in fast-paced scenes. In order to suit the different lighting situations in our homes, it is also best to select TVs that provide a wide range of advanced picture settings, such as backlight, contrast, sharpness, and so on. This is to ensure that the details in darker scenes can be seen clearly in a bright setting.

What Is A Nanocell Tv 1 2Bb8C7E


On the whole, advanced display features and visual technologies of a TV are keys to generating a quality visual experience. However, having so many different TVs with various visual technologies available on the market, it can be challenging to choose one that suits your home, personal needs, and budget. But don’t worry, we found the perfect TV for you! 

If you’re planning to buy a new TV but don’t know which to choose, we highly recommend the LG NanoCell TVs

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Equipped with advanced visual technologies, LG NanoCell TVs promise to provide you and your family with a Very Impressive Picture (VIP) experience! Here are some of the reasons we love LG NanoCell TVs

  • Watch everything on-screen come alive with Pure Colour 

Equipped with distinctive Nano technology, LG NanoCell TVs effectively filter and refine colours to remove all impurities from RGB wavelengths. This allows the TVs to display only pure and accurate colours on screen! What’s more, the TVs also feature 100% Colour Consistency certified by Intertek

With Local Dimming, LG NanoCell TVs allow viewers to control multiple dimming zones independently. By enhancing black levels and achieving deeper blacks, viewers get to see greater details and depth in dark scenes. Besides, this feature also prevents backlight bleeding and the halo effect

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  • Enjoy elevated visual experiences with Ultra Large Screens

LG NanoCell TVs provide massive screens for insane immersion. The 86-inch screen elevates impressive visual technologies, and the ultra-high-quality picture maximizes your viewing experience. Turning your home into a mini movie theatre is no longer a dream! 

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  • Unlock unlimited entertainment through gaming and sports 

Indulge in the cinematic experience thanks to the a7 Gen4 AI Processor 4K, which utilizes deep-learning algorithms to analyze and optimize content. Along with Dolby Vision IQ and Dobly Atmos, these technologies promise spectacular visual content in whatever you watch! 

Besides the cinematic visual experience, LG NanoCell TVs also offer quality gaming experiences. Having low input lag, your motions would always be in sync with your game avatars. Not only that, both AMD FreeSync™ Premium and VVR effectively minimize tearing, while the high bandwidth HDMI 2.1 supports high-resolution and high frame rate videos.

*Bolded features apply to 55”/65”/75”NANO86 and 86NANO75 only

Good news for sports enthusiasts: Sports Alert in LG NanoCell TVs sends you notifications before, during, and after your favourite games. Never miss a match and keep yourself updated with the latest sports news!

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  • Relish endless convenience with LG ThinQ AI 

Thanks to the intuitive Home Dashboard, you’ll have access to all smart home devices, which can all be controlled remotely from your LG NanoCell TV. This smart TV allows you control different types of Home IoT Device, such as LG ThinQ Devices, IoT Devices authorized by Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF), and many others, including lighting, switches, and plugs. You can also create your unique daily routine using the Magic Remote!

LG ThinQ AI also supports AirPlay, which enables you to share visual content easily right from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac!

Tv Signature Oled W9 Airplay Desktop


How amazing are these features?! Now you know which TV best suits the different needs of your family, ranging from quality movies to gaming and sports! Are LG NanoCell TVs on your wish list already? If so, we have good news for you:

LG Trio Bonanza Sale-brations promotion is here! From 15th Nov – 31st Dec 2021, Malaysians can purchase LG products to win cash prizes & earn rebates! 

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These are the benefits you can enjoy during the exciting promotion:

  • Cash rebates: Purchase LG products to earn Touch ‘n Go eWallet Credits
  • Mix & match: Purchase any mix & match LG products to earn double the Touch ‘n Go eWallet Credits
  • Lucky win: Stand a chance to win Touch ‘n Go eWallet Credits worth up to RM1,000 with each purchase
  • PuriCare PWP rebate: Claim RM100 Touch ‘n Go eWallet Credits for any PWP purchase with LG products

Sounds like a really good deal! For more information regarding the promotion and LG NanoCell TVs, visit LG’s official website!


Are you impressed with the high-tech features of LG NanoCell TVs? Let us know in the comments below!

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