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Thousands of HK Protesters Rally Against Abuse & Imprisonment of Uyghurs In China



Thousands of HK Protesters Rally Against The Abuse & Imprisonment of Uyghurs In China - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Berita Harian & Channel News Asia

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It appears that for all the effort that China has put into trying to keep the Uyghur crisis hidden under wraps, much of their alleged human rights abuses have come to light after brave whistleblowers have come forward with information regarding what really goes on in these so-called ‘re-education’ camps. As a result, this new information has sparked much outrage among Hong Kong protesters at odds with Beijing, according to The New Straits Times.

In a continuation of the violent protests that have swept Hong Kong into a nationwide panic, it appears that protesters now have also added the plight of the Uyghur Muslim minorities in China into their cause, having just organised large-scaled protests against the alleged abuses that these minorities have suffered under China’s Communist government.

On Sunday (21st December 2019), a rally was held specifically to address the suffering that the Uyghurs have endured in their native Xinjiang region, where the Chinese government has implemented strict security and surveillance measures. About over 1,000 people gathered near a square by Hong Kong’s harbourfront to listen to speeches, many of which claimed that what happened with Xinjiang could easily happen to Hong Kong too.

“We shall not forget those who share a common goal with us, our struggle for freedom and democracy and the rage against the Chinese Communist Party,” said one speaker.

Many protesters who participated were also seen waving the flag of  “East Turkestan“, coloured blue with a white crescent and five-pointed star, which many Uyghurs use to describe Xinjiang.

The rally, however, was broken up by members of the police.

It remains unclear as to how many truths there are to the claims and allegations of abuse and cruelty that goes on in these Chinese run ‘re-education’ camps, but for what we know now, these atrocities must be put to a stop soon before more lives are lost. 


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