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The #KutipSampahChallenge Has M’sians Picking Up Trash Everywhere, & We’re Legit Inspired!



Source: Twitter & Twitter

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There’s a new social media challenge taking the Malaysian Twittersphere by storm, and it’s one that everyone is on board with, considering no one is putting their health in danger for it.

Just a while back, we saw 2 boys taking to Pavilion to pick up trash left behind by irresponsible human beings, which not only garnered them national praise but also inspired the new social media challenge.

The #KutipSampahChallenge was proposed by Amir pls (@AmirRozali), who came up with the idea after seeing the video of the 2 boys picking up trash.

Amir writes, “Why don’t we start a challenge? #KutipSampahChallenge, what if it went viral and everyone’s up for it. Malaysia will become the next Japan, in just a week.”

Source: Twitter

Within just slightly over a week, the challenge has already gained traction and has been trending on Twitter!

Netizens couldn’t wait to participate and showcase how they helped their community by not just picking up litter and trash, but also to show Malaysians in general that they didn’t even have to go out of their way or disrupt their daily routines to help clean up.

Muhammad Helmi (@NerdKid_94) shared a posting of how he cleaned the streets around his neighbourhood as he took his regular evening jog.

Muhammad Helmi explains, “I rarely follow internet challenges but I approve of this one. Went for a 5 kilometre jog around my neighbourhood and collected 1 full bag of bottles and food packages. Some even had mosquito larvae inside. #KutipSampahChallenge”

Maisery (@_salmontrash) kept a smile on her face despite having to pick up some extremely undesirable items to fulfill her study’s CAS (creativity, activity, service) programme as she participated in the challenge.

Maisery says, “#KutipSampahChallenge Our CAS was legitimately picking up trash! Plus we were shocked to see some used sexual things which were disgusting. Why people, why? Smiling for the camera.”

We’re guessing she had to pick up used condoms off of the streets. Seriously, people, why?

Considering the fact that our complete acceptance of littering has caused a massive escalation of dengue fever cases in Malaysia, we’re literally dooming ourselves at this point.

Source: Twitter

It’s about time we had an internet challenge that actually benefits humankind and Malaysians in general, but let’s try to remember, even if you don’t want to participate, at least do your part by not contributing to the trash on the roads and public places.

Amir’s original posting suggesting the challenge has since garnered over 15,500 retweets.

I believe picking up trash should become a common practice, and hence I’d like to suggest the next challenge that should also become a common practice, #SignalChallenge.


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