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M’sian Artist With Gastric Condition Tries Durian & Spicy Noodles Challenge, Ends Up In Hospital



Source: Lobak Merah

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A Malaysian singer came under fire for embarking on a challenge that caused unnecessary danger to her own health. Malay Mail wrote that local singer, Ara Johari, took on a challenge of eating spicy noodles with durian and it didn’t end well for her.

Source: Instagram

In a video that went viral, Ara was seen chowing down a bowl of spicy noodles and durian. After just a few bites, the singer started feeling unwell, and towards the end of the clip, an ambulance was seen arriving.

Apparently, the 22-year-old was quickly taken to the hospital after she started gagging and vomiting into a plastic bag. Obviously, this incident didn’t sit well with the netizens as they claimed she was promoting “potentially dangerous behaviour”. 

Source: Instagram

Even famous actress Nabila Huda left a comment saying that the attempt was “stupid”. She wrote,

“Who are the morons who started the challenge of eating spicy noodles with durian? Stop doing stupid things like this. Durian is already a heaty food, suppose you died while eating this, then what?”

Netizens seemed to share the same sentiment as Nabila, as they disapproved of the challenge saying that it was stupid and dangerous. They aren’t wrong! 

Source: Lobak Merah

Prior to this, in 2017, a Youtuber calledNikocado Avocado ate four packs of spicy Korean noodles and some durians. However, the Youtuber seemed to be unharmed because he didn’t suffer repercussions like Ara.

A further report on the case revealed that Ara actually has gastric, and the team who was filming the challenge didn’t know about her condition. They have formally apologised for pursuing this challenge and advised people not to follow suit. You heard them, guys! Don’t recreate this challenge for your own good. 

On that note, we hope Ara will quickly recover and learn from her mistake that almost cost her life. Hopefully, she doesn’t take up other ill-advised challenges.


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