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Terengganu ‘Agency’ Offers Muslim Men Polygamy Services For Only RM3,500?



Terengganu 'Agency' offers Muslim men polygamy services for only RM3,500 - World Of Buzz

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Featured image source: insideislam; Disclaimer: Image is for illustration purposes only.

Fancy a second wife, but don’t want your first wife to know?

It is a well known fact in Malaysia that a Muslim man can marry up to four wives. With the consent on the first wife or the Syariah court, a Muslim man will be able to take additional wives.

Though in the recent years, monogamous relationships are more established. I mean, ask you girlfriend/wife if you could have a second lady in your life (not referring to your mom) and tengoklah apa dia jawap.

A MAN WITH MANY WIVES: A member of Malaysia's

A member of Malaysia’s “Ikhwan” Polygamy Club, Mohd Nizamuddin Ashaari poses with his four wives. They have 24 children in total, from three to 24 years old, who live in a five-room bungalow outside the capital of Kuala Lumpur.

Disclaimer: Image does not relate to article and is for illustration purposes only.

However, for those who would like a second wifey on the side, there’s an ‘agency’ founded in the state of Terengganu, that enables Muslim men to take a second wife without the consent of the first wife or the Syariah court. Interested?


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This agency has been promoted to guarantee a hassle-free process of obtaining a second wife. The couple will also be provided with a marriage certificate and registration card, all at the cost of only RM3,500.

However, to the horror of its victims, this service was nothing more than a scam. They soon found out that the certificates and registration cards were all but pieces of paper, unrecognized in the face of the law.

A representative from the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) has shared that 3 suspects, ages between 30 to 43, have been apprehended and believed to be responsible for the fraud.

“The first to be nabbed was the 43-year-old religious officer soon after he had received the final payment of RM1,000 and was about to hand over the false documents to a couple.

“In follow-up operations, we detained a 30-year-old civil servant at 5.30pm, before picking up the third culprit, aged 34, at 11.30pm.”

“Both men were in possession of RM3,500 each.”

It is learnt the perpetrators would charge RM3,500 per ‘registration’ and that the marriage will be registered in a neighboring country. As such, bypassing the first wife and the Syariah court.

The scheme does sound quite brilliant, but unfortunately the success of the scam was short-lived.

And I wouldn’t want to be there when the first wives find out.

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