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16 Signs That You As A Malaysian Are Going Through A Quarter-Life Crisis Right Now



16 Signs That You As A Malaysian Are Going Through A Quarter-Life Crisis Right Now - World Of Buzz 2

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1. First, you clicked on this article


2. Life is stressing you out

From the time you left school till now, you have had to make many life-changing decisions that continue to worry you. “Which college should I attend?” “Should I move out of the family home?” “Isn’t there a friggin’ guide to adulthood that can help me???”

mtv 1d zayn zayne malik icant


3. You overthink and doubt your future life plans

You constantly wonder if you have made the right decisions. “Did I choose the right course?” “Can I survive on my own?” “Will employers hire me?”


4. You often feel lost

Life was simpler when we were younger. The main thing you had to worry about was exams. Mom and dad took care of everything else. Then came college and perhaps your first job. These transitions left you feeling unprepared and overwhelmed. “Can we postpone this? I’m not ready to grow up just yet!”


5. The “J” word makes you uncomfortable

Whether it’s that pesky aunt or a friend, the first thing people usually ask is “What do you do?” When compared to your friends, relatives or siblings, you may feel inadequate. If you didn’t have what parents consider a ‘stable job’, you definitely won’t hear the end of that. And in Asian terms that’s anything related to arts.


6. You try to escape reality

Endless procrastination on social media, binge watching shows on the internet, constant daydreams about travelling the world. Sounds familiar?


7. At the same time, you have your fingers crossed that everything will turn out ok

“So what if I sit on my butt and watch Astro or go on social media all day? Everything will be fineeeee. I hope…”


8. You wonder if it’s ACTUALLY time to throw away that bantal busuk you had since forever

no please jane the virgin 2x03 season 2 episode 3


9. You wonder when you’ll become an ‘official adult’

“Is there some initiation I have to pass?” “Maybe sit for a paper to become certified?” “Or do I just wake up one day and realize that I grew up overnight?”

elizabeth olsen no idea idk shrug


10. The nagging feeling that you need to be ‘responsible’ and ‘productive’, and yet you don’t want to ‘grow up’ yet. Not yet.


11. You realize that your circle of friends have become smaller

Now that most of your friends are also turning into adults, they are busy working, living their own lives or settling down and you are learning to deal with this change.

eating hungry alone sigh forever alone


12. Some days, you feel that everything you do is pointless because you have nothing to look forward to

16 GIFs That Epitomize Your Quarter-Life Crisis

13. You start feeling ‘old’

Nothing seems to thrill you anymore. It’s all ‘been there, done that’. Travelling into town or dressing up for a night out isn’t as fun as it used to be. Yes, even late night mamak sessions now seem like too much work.


14. You get panic attacks at the ATM machine

You think that at your age and after working a few years, you should have more money in the bank than the frustratingly (and embarrassing) small figure displayed on the ATM machine.

16 Signs That You As A Malaysian Are Going Through A Quarter-Life Crisis Right Now - World Of Buzz 1


15. You start worrying about your bills

OH NO ANYTHING BUT THAT! Mom and dad used to settle the bills, but now they’re in your hands.


16. You actually start worrying about your health

When we were younger, we could binge on all the junk food we loved without worry. These days however, we sound like our moms. “I’d like to order the salad please.” “Ah neh, teh PANAS tak nak gula ya.”

You’re starting to exercise and pay attention to your body. A friend may have already sold you an insurance policy, which made you realise just how expensive getting sick can be. Staying healthy is friggin’ important leh!

Thinking of going for a check-up got you like:

16 Signs That You As A Malaysian Are Going Through A Quarter-Life Crisis Right Now - World Of Buzz

Which is why you can’t say no to this FREE medical checkup!

Don’t let health worries add to your ‘quarter life crisis’. Ease your mind with a medical checkup worth RM299 at Beacon Hospital. Confirm FREE. No need to worry about money just to ensure that you are healthy. Plus, you will also get 40% OFF for a KFIT membership.

Sounds awesome leh? Get it all here.

How Do You Tell Your Wife-To-Be That You Only Have 3 Months to Live? - World Of Buzz 3

No insurance yet? Crazy ah??

When we were younger, insurance sounded alien and besides, “we don’t need it!” But now, we realise that we are not so ‘superman’, so perhaps getting some protection is a good idea.

Why you should think about insurance:

1. Malaysia averages a whopping 12% increase in medical fees every YEAR!
2. Medical costs can be expensive, particularly cancer.
3. 1 in 4 Malaysians will develop cancer. 
4. Cancer treatments can cost hundreds of thousands of ringgit.
5. Over 50% of the patients will go broke after 1 year (told you medical fees are crazy!)

[TEST] 16 Signs That You As A Malaysian Is Going Through Quarter-Life Crisis Right Now - World Of Buzz

In the spirit of Cancer Survivors’ Month, AXA is introducing the AXA 200 CancerCare that goes as low as RM1.50 a day. The premiums are fixed (no heart-attack inducing increase in monthly payments) and offers a coverage up to 200% of the sum insured.

And ultimately, it’s cheaper than your Milo ais wei!!

So head over to AXA CancerCare for your FREE quotation. You may be pleasantly surprised at how little it costs to have a ‘warranty’ on your life.

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