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Save Your Money By Cleaning The Air Conditioner Yourself With These Simple Steps



Source: Khairul Azwan Abd Aziz | Facebook

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Tired of having slow aircon at home but not willing to break a bank to fix it?

We got you! On 16 May, Facebook user, Khairul Azwan shared how he cleaned and fixed his air conditioner himself instead of hiring someone to do it for him. Before you start, you need these tools:

  1. Screwdriver
  2. A clean brush (for better result, use vacuum)
  3. An air conditioner cleaner (can get this at your nearest DIY)
  4. A clean cloth
  5. A ladder

Khairul then shared the simple steps to get your air cond back to its fully functional condition again.

  1. First, turn off your air cond and open the filter cover and the cooling coil. Pull both sides upwards and remove the outer casing. To remove the outer casing, you need to undo the screws that you find on both sides and slowly adjust them so you can remove them safely.


2. Once removed, open the air flaps by pushing the flap backwards to get it out from the holder. Start with the centre part of the flap, followed by the left side. Also, be careful not to break them!


3. Next, you need to clean the cooling coil as that aspect is what slows down your air cond’s performance. Once the outer casing is removed, remove the room temperature sensor as well, so it will be easier to clean the cooling coil.


4. Open the adjustable air flaps but note that it differs for every brand. For Sharp users, all you need to do is just push the clips upward. Also, be very careful not to break them since they are fragile.


5. Once you see the blower, gently clean all the dust with a clean brush. For a better result, use a vacuum or an air cond cleaner.


6. Once cleaned, try and switch it back on to see whether your air cond is functioning at an improved speed.


7. Finally, assemble all the outer parts together just like how you took them apart. Make sure to clean it up first before assembling them back together and put the filter cover back into its place. And there you have it, your “brand new” air cond!


Would you try this hack? Let us know in the comment section!


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