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“It Was a Romantic Restaurant But You Brought an Elderly Person. What A Waste.”



"It Was a Romantic Restaurant But You Brought an Elderly Person..." - World Of Buzz
Source: Viral Media and Reyarifin

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Respecting and caring for our elders is a beautiful culture all Asians possess. Since young, we have been taught to love our elders and listen to them well. Or else we had to face the ass-whooping of our lives!

One lady by the name of Suhana probably missed out on some crucial lessons because she decided to insult and look down upon an elderly lady and his son.

Source: Huffpost

In an infuriating post she wrote on Facebook, she mentions that her and her husband were having lunch at a romantic and expensive restaurant in Johor Bahru city center when she noticed a mother and son.

“I was having lunch yesterday with my husband. We saw this guy who brought an elderly lady – maybe she’s his mother. It was an eye sore. It was a romantic restaurant but you brought an elderly person over there instead. What a waste.

“You drove a luxurious Lexus which cost about RM400,000 to RM500,000, dressed smartly but brought a sickly old person there.

“Can you not drop the standard of the rich people? It’s as though there are no mamak or road side stalls available.

“Even if you are rich, you have to realise your actions only drop your standards.”

Source: Viral Media

A screenshot of her post went viral all over Facebook and people are understandably upset at her disgusting words.

“What a brainless fool. It is up to them wherever they want to go and eat. Your heart and mind is so dirty.”

Others defended the wonderful son and mother as they found it unfair for this terrible judgement unceremoniously placed upon them.

“The son is a good man who truly loves his mother. He knows how to love and take care of the person who did the same for him when he was a baby. He is rich in properties and also in values, unlike you Suhana.”

After her post went viral on social media, Suhana has deactivated her Facebook or completely changed her name and profile picture because her profile can no longer be searched.

In 2017, it is so shocking that there are still tons of unappreciative, self-entitled people such as this girl. We should always hold civic and loving values such as respecting our elders regardless of relation.

Don’t be too quick to pass ridiculous judgements!


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