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Popular Detox Foot Patch That ‘Helps You Lose Weight’ Turns Out to be Fake



Popular Detox Foot Patch That Promotes Weight Loss Proven to Be Fake - World Of Buzz
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This weight loss method doesn’t require one to put in much physical work, yet it promises great results. As fishy as it may sound, many consumers frequently use this method.

Recently, a detox foot patch that guarantees weight loss has gained tremendous popularity among Malaysians looking to lose weight fast.

According to the instructions on the product’s packaging, consumers only need to apply the foot patch on the soles of both feet and wait for miracles to happen.

Source: Youtube

It was said that the patches absorb the toxins from your body thus leading to instant weight-loss. These patches will turn black after being worn overnight, supposedly indicating that the “toxins” were removed.

A consumer from Taiwan called Ms. Lim has been using the product for a while. However, she grew suspicious about it and decided to find out the truth. The product was sent to a lab to be examined by a chemistry professor.

Immediately, the professor saw through the lie and debunked it in front of everyone.

Source: Youtube

Apparently there was some white powder which contained pyroligneous acid sealed inside the patches, and once this powder comes into contact with water, it immediately turns a dark brown colour.

Source: Youtube

Source: Youtube

Source: Youtube

In other words, the dark brown residue on the patches is merely a chemical reaction, and not toxin leaving our body.

Experts also said that there is no way toxins can be removed from our body through our feet.

So guys, regular exercise and a balanced diet are always your best bet for weight loss, not a useless patch!

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