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PlayStation 5 Release In India Delayed Because Someone Trademarked ‘PS5’ In 2019



Source: The Telegraph & The Second Angle

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Be right back, filing a trademark for PS6 so that the next gen console will be delayed in Malaysia when it comes out. 😛

Every Sony fan and gaming enthusiasts out there are waiting patiently to get their hands on the new PlayStation 5. While Malaysian husbands are thinking of ways to convince their wives that buying a PS5 is a legitimate investment, PlayStation fans in India has a very different problem in store.



As it turns out, Sony is having a very unique obstacle to face in launching the next-generation gaming console there. As reported by India Today, the Japanese tech company is having trouble setting up pre-booking and launch date for the PlayStation 5 because some random guy from Delhi filed for a trademark claim on the name ‘PS5’ back in 2019!

The madlad, named Hitesh Aswani, filed for the trademark on October 29, 2019 and practically stopped Sony from using the word ‘PS5’ in all their marketing materials. Because of the trademark claim, Sony can’t even announce an availability date for the product in India.


The trademark filed by Hitesh Aswani

Currently, Sony is engaged in a legal battle to contest the trademark claim by Hitesh and to be fair, they probably would win the battle given their authority on the PlayStation brand and its universally accepted abbreviation of ‘PS’.

Nevertheless, we can imagine how angry PlayStation fans in India would be towards this one random guy. Thankfully, no such obstacle is going on in our country (yet) and the PlayStation 5 is set to launch in our shores on 19 November 2020.


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