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Photos: This Malaysian Transforms His Bedroom Using Shopee


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Source: Jamie

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Like many Malaysians during the enforcement of the Movement Control Order, I spent a whole lot of time at home. With working from bed home being the norm, I began to notice that my bedroom was a bit of a mess.

And when I say a bit, what I meant to say was ‘how the heck did I manage to live in this bedroom for more than one day?’ kind of mess. Well, just take a look at my bedroom before MCO below and you’d understand.

(Warning: you may have the urge to come down to my home and clean my room after seeing these photos.)

Before MCO

Fb Img 1593283631010

Fb Img 1593285514181

Pano 20200417 155015.vr

Fb Img 1593314134444

Yikes! Come to think of it, now all the naggings from my mom about me treating my bedroom like a refugee camp and asking me to clean up the room makes a whole lot of sense.

And cleaned up I did, and then some. Seeing as MCO gave us extra time confined at home, Shopee became my new best friend and I bought a few items online to transform my room.

Here are the photos of my bedroom after the makeover:

After MCO (but before RMCO)

Fb Img 1593314631719

Img 20200609 193847

Img 20200609 194831

Img 20200609 1937202

Much better, don’t you think?

Here’s a breakdown of all the items I bought for this DIY project and the cost of each so that you can buy them if you’re interested.

I’ll break it down to all 4 corners of the room and of course, all links are also included.


1. The sleeping area

Img 20160811 170113

Before (i don’t know why that chair is on the bed)

Fb Img 1593283631010 1

Another before. (i changed to a custom pallet bed to save space)

Img 20200423 233158

After adding leds (a bit overkill i might admit)

Img 20200521 180339


After (final)


2. The desk area

Adobe 20200628 031908

Before (the last paint job has deteriorated)

Fb Img 1593314631719


Img 20200609 1937202

After (the to do list is a joke. Don’t call pdrm okay)

  • That wooden desk lamp – Found it broken in my home and thought it looks nice so I fixed it.
  • Plant – RM13 from Perfect by Tesco. As real as my love life.
  • Keyboard – RM130 RK61 Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard
  • Keyboard and mouse mat – RM3
  • Pinboard – DIY from cardboard and used boxes.
  • Bluetooth speaker – RM150 Xiaomi Outdoor Bluetooh Speaker
  • White 3D brick wallpaper – RM3.79 for 1 piece (77cm x 70cm).
  • Table – Writing Office Desk with 4 Tier Book Shelf – RM103.90
  • Chair – Office Adjustable Swivel Chair RM79.90
  • Wooden wall shelves – Wooden Iron Storage holder RM27.88


3. The other side of the wall

Pano 20200417 155015.vr



Img 20200609 194831


  • Grey 3D wallpaper – RM4.19 for 1 piece of 70cm x 77cm. Its foam is thicker than the white ones on the other side.
  • London/Porto/Tokyo Map Posters – RM14.88 each. Got a selection of a few cities. I DIY-ed a cardboard behind them and stuck it with velcro so it’s interchangeable.
  • World Map – RM24 Custom Papel DE world map W125cm x L80cm (it’s actually a wallpaper but i DIY-ed on a cardboard and put wainscoating around it)
  • Mirror – RM25 from Tesco
  • The iron hanging stuff thingy – RM10 from Perfect by Tesco
  • The plants – RM7 each. They’re as real as my love life.
  • The black iron shelf with towel hanger – RM53
  • The grey pegboards – RM34.30 ALX Nordic for 6 pieces of 22cm x 22cm


4. Wardrobe area

Fb Img 1593314134444


Img 20200609 193847


  • Open wardrobe – RM129 Okura Living 3 Tier Wardrobe
  • Drawer Units – RM54 Ikea Lennart Drawer. Bought from Shopee because its cheaper when you add shipping costs
  • Wall clock – RM15 from Kaison


5. Bonus: Door

Img 20200526 203726


Img 20200526 221633


  • Yes, I even deco-ed my door. 70cm x 70cm 3D wooden wallpaper bought at Kaison.

Well, this room makeover goes to show that regardless how bleak the situation looked during the first spread of Covid-19, something bright could happen if we put our effort to it.

Have you done any personal or family projects during MCO? Got any awesome makeovers to share? Post them in the comments!


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Source: Jamie
Source: Jamie
Source: Jamie

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