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Parents Didn’t Realise Their 3yo Son Got Left Behind at Melaka R&R Until They Reached Home



Source: Astro Awani & Facebook

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As a parent, losing your child for just a few minutes is simply unbearable and this couple experienced their worst nightmare when they realised that they forgot their son at R&R Ayer Keroh, Melaka.

“The moment I noticed that our son wasn’t in the car, I felt like my life was knocked out of me, my body was numb,” said Iza, age 36. She shared her daunting experience to Harian Metro.

Her three-year-old son was left at R&R Ayer Keroh yesterday (30 July) but luckily, he was found three hours later.

Source: Facebook

According to Iza, who is also a housewife, the incident turned out to be a lesson learnt for her husband and her. They were always very careful in taking care of all their seven kids when they’re out of the house.

The incident happened when their family stopped at R&R Ayer Keroh for Maghrib prayers around 7.30pm. Iza and her husband even took turns when eating to monitor their children. They were making their way back from Kuala Lumpur to Melaka.

“When I was eating, the kids were running everywhere, so I asked my husband to take them to the playground nearby. After I was done eating, I immediately asked them to return. At the same time, our fourth and fifth children were fighting, crying and running around. It made the situation a bit hectic,” Iza added.

Source: Facebook

Iza said that God was testing her and her husband during the moment where all her kids were in the car but one of them was not inside the vehicle. They didn’t realise that their sixth kid (age 3) was not in the car but he was sitting at a slide in the playground near the R&R.

According to Iza, throughout the 30-kilometre journey, she thought that her son was sitting in the back of the car because it seemed like she heard his voice. They didn’t notice anything unusual until they reached their home at 10pm in Ayer Molek, Melaka. She was shocked to find out that her beloved son wasn’t in the car the whole time.

“Luckily, my husband is a very calm person and he immediately called his friend to help look for our son in R&R Ayer Keroh,” she added.

“When we were on the way back to the R&R 20 minutes later, my husband’s friend called and informed us that our sixth son was safe and he was at the Alor Gajah Police Headquarters,” Iza continued.

“At that moment, only Allah knows how grateful I was because our son was taken care of by a good person while he was awaiting our arrival,” she said.

They reached the Alor Gajah Police Headquarters at around 11pm. Iza was very grateful to everybody who helped take care of her child, which included an Indian worker who found her son at the R&R.

“Thank you also to the Pak Cik that accompanied my son, the PLUS workers and especially the policemen of IPD Alor Gajah for taking care of my son,” Iza said gratefully.

Source: Facebook

Iza said that she wants to pay a visit to IPD Alor Gajah and R&R Ayer Keroh to thank all those who helped look after her son. Iza also shared this incident and said that she wished that other people would learn from this.

It is incredibly fortunate that the young boy is back and safe with his family. Kudos to the wonderful and kind people who helped take care of the young kid until his parents arrived.


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