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No More Tolls at KL-Seremban and Salak Expressways Starting 1 June 2018



Source: Motor Trader

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The announcement of toll prices being reduced by 50 per cent was definitely great news for fellow Malaysians and now, we have more awesome updates that will surely make your day!

Just yesterday (31 May 2018), the Malaysian Highway Authority (LLM) announced that toll collections have ceased for two major tolls in Klang Valley starting at midnight (12am) yesterday, reported The Edge Markets. Yasss! 

Source: NST

In their statement, they said that Malaysians will no longer have to pay for tolls at the Kuala Lumpur-Seremban expressway and Salak Expressway starting 1 June 2018. Music to our ears! 

An excerpt of the statement reads; 

“With the ending of the concession period for the said stretch of expressways, toll payment at all entry and exit at Sungai Besi Toll Plaza will be reduced between 1% [and] 50% (or between 40 sen and RM1.70) depending on the distance of journey and vehicle class.”

Besides that, LLM’s statement also pointed out that the end of these toll collections will benefit at least 130,000 vehicles that use these paths daily.

Source: Cari

The statement continued;

“Users who go through the Sungai Besi Toll Plaza now only have to pay a toll rate based on the distance travelled on the North-South Expressway.”

They also added that if consumers would like to seek further information on toll prices, they can visit their website or download the PLUS mobile app.

“Consumers are advised to comply with travel rules and signboards provided at the toll plaza to ensure smooth travels to their destination,” concluded the statement.

With that said, the abolishment of these tolls is due to the end of their contract and nothing more. Nevertheless, we still have one less toll, or in this case, two fewer tolls in the Klang Valley! 

So, those who frequent the Kuala Lumpur-Seremban Expressway and Salak Expressway, you can now enjoy fewer tolls when using these roads!


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